Corina Drapaca

Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Corina Drapaca

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Most Recent Publications

Modeling Neuronal Electromechanics using Fractional Operators of Variable Order

Corina Drapaca,

Modeling Patterns of Sex-Dependent Neuroprotection Loss in Alzheimer's Disease

Corina Drapaca, Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling, and Computational Science (AMMCS 2023)

Anisotropic conductivity tensor for irreversible electroporation simulations

Corina Drapaca, Nicholas LaBarbera, on p. 29-36

Modeling nitric oxide mechanotransduction in brain: the effects of blood‘s non-locality

Corina Drapaca, Andrew Tamis,

A Mathematical Model of Nitric Oxide Mechanotransduction in Brain

Andrew Tamis, Corina Drapaca,

Alessio Gizzi, Andrew D. McCulloch, Corina S. Drapaca, 2024, Journal of Applied Physics

Semi-Analytical Solution for a Single-Phase Conduction Problem of a Finite-Slab With a Growing or Receding Boundary

Pavan Kumar, Albert Segall, Corina Drapaca, 2024, ASME Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

Nicole Wilson, Corina S. Drapaca, Heiko Enderling, Jimmy J. Caudell, Kathleen P. Wilkie, 2023, The Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics

A Theoretical Investigation of the Impact of Blood-Endothelium Mechanical Interactions on the Cerebral Nitric Oxide Biotransport

Corina Drapaca, 2022, on p. 25-32

Most-Cited Papers

Bugra Ayan, Dong Heo, Zhifeng Zhang, Madhuri Dey, Adomas Povilianskas, Corina Drapaca, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2020, Science advances on p. 17

A variable order fractional constitutive model of the viscoelastic behavior of polymers

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Variable-order fractional description of compression deformation of amorphous glassy polymers

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Particle squeezing in narrow confinements

Zhifeng Zhang, Jie Xu, Corina Drapaca, 2018, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

Droplet squeezing through a narrow constriction: Minimum impulse and critical velocity

Zhifeng Zhang, Corina Drapaca, Xiaolin Chen, Jie Xu, 2017, Physics of Fluids on p. 9

Zhifeng Zhang, Corina Drapaca, Dmitry Gritsenko, Jie Xu, 2018, Physics of Fluids

Fractional calculus in neuronal electromechanics

Corina S. Drapaca, 2017, Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures on p. 35-55

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A fractional pressure-volume model of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in hydrocephalus

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