Christine Costello

Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Christine Costello

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Food Climate Change Nitrogen Water Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sustainability Life Cycle Life Cycle Assessment Climate Animal Runoff Watershed Diet Greenhouse Gases Land Food Waste Land Use Environmental Impact Need Land Management Farms Comparison Sustainable Development Life Cycle Stages Ethanol

Most Recent Publications

Jenny Gutierrez-Lopez, Ronald G. McGarvey, Christine Costello, Damon M. Hall, 2023, Sustainability

Hai Nguyen, Allen Thompson, Christine Costello, 2023, Agricultural Water Management

Mikaela Algren, Tierra Burke, Zia Chowdhury, Christine Costello, Amy Landis, 2023, Environmental Research Infrastructure and Sustainability


Hariteja Nandimandalam, Christine Costello, Gamini P. Mendis, 2023,

Spatial optimization of nutrient recovery from dairy farms to support economically viable load reductions in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

P. V. Femeena, F Pandara Valappil, C. Costello, R. A. Brennan, 2023, Agricultural Systems

Proceedings - U.S.A. Agroecology Summit 2023

Deborah Neher, Colin Anderson, Andrea Basche, Christine Costello, Mary Hendrickson, Bruce Maxwell, Antonio Roman-Alcalá, Aubrey Striet Krug, William Tracy, Ernesto Méndez, Catherine Horner, Janica Anderzén, 2023, on p. 78

Assessing Future Water Allocation under Climate Variability and Land Management Change in an Agricultural Watershed

Quang A. Phung, Allen L. Thompson, Claire Baffaut, Christine Costello, E. John Sadler, 2022, Journal of the American Water Resources Association on p. 1575-1591

Phosphorus (P) in animal diets as a driver of embodied P in animal products and net anthropogenic P inputs

Mikaela Algren, Christine Costello, Amy E. Landis, 2022, Journal of Industrial Ecology on p. 1123-1135

Chapter 12: Soil Water Management and Climate Fluctuations: Modeling Approach

Claire Baffaut, Christine Costello, Sagar Gautam, Quang Phung, Allen Thompson, 2022, on p. 302-324

Estimating virtual nitrogen inputs to integrated u.s. corn ethanol and animal food systems

Mikaela Algren, Amy E. Landis, Christine Costello, 2021, Environmental Science & Technology on p. 8393-8400

Most-Cited Papers

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Food waste in campus dining operations: Inventory of pre-and post-consumer mass by food category, and estimation of embodied greenhouse gas emissions

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Eating away at sustainability. Food consumption and waste patterns in a US school canteen

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Assessment of the effect of urban agriculture on achieving a localized food system centered on chicago, il using robust optimization

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