Chris Engeland

Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Nursing

Chris Engeland

Research Summary

How stress, age, gender, and hormones affect inflammation / health. Biomarker feasibility for predicting health outcomes.

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Most Recent Papers

Corticosteroid modulation of oral mucosal wound healing.

Christopher Engeland, PT Marucha, Psychosomatic Medicine

Perceived stress is linked to heightened biomarkers of inflammation via diurnal cortisol in a national sample of adults

Erik L. Knight, Yanping Jiang, Jacqueline Rodriguez-Stanley, David M. Almeida, Christopher G. Engeland, Samuele Zilioli, 2021, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity on p. 206-213

Ex vivo LPS-stimulated cytokine production is associated with cortisol curves in response to acute psychosocial stress

K Davis, Christopher Engeland, K Murdock, 2021, Psychoneuroendocrinology

Ex vivo LPS-stimulated cytokine production is associated with cortisol curves in response to acute psychosocial stress

Kristin M. Davis, Christopher G. Engeland, Kyle W. Murdock, 2020, Psychoneuroendocrinology

Prenatal cigarette smoking as a mediator between racism and depressive symptoms: The Biosocial Impact on Black Births Study.

C Giurgescu, L Zhang, M Price, R Dailey, H Frey, D Walker, S Zenk, Christopher Engeland, C Anderson, D Misra, 2020, Public Health Nursing on p. 740-749

Arthritis, Sleep Health, and Systemic Inflammation in Older Men.

S Lee, K Stone, Christopher Engeland, N Lane, O Buxton, 2020, Arthritis Care and Research on p. 965-973

Neighborhood disorder predicts lower serum vitamin D levels in pregnant African American women: A pilot study.

J Woo, M Koenig, Christopher Engeland, M Kominiarek, R White-Traut, P Yeatts, C Giurgescu, 2020, Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on p. 105648

The relationship between diurnal variation of cytokines and symptom expression in mild obstructive sleep apnea

Hyunju Yang, Christopher G. Engeland, Tonya S. King, Amy M. Sawyer, 2020, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine on p. 715-723

Inflammation and the dimensions of depression: A review.

M Majd, Saunders EFH, Christopher Engeland, 2020, Frontiers in neuroendocrinology on p. 100800

Depressive symptoms and other negative psychological states predict ex vivo inflammatory responses over time: The role of gender

E Knight, Majd, J Graham-Engeland, Christopher Engeland, 2020, American Psychosomatic Society

Most-Cited Papers

Salivary markers of inflammation in response to acute stress

Danica C. Slavish, Jennifer E. Graham-Engeland, Joshua M. Smyth, Christopher G. Engeland, 2015, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity on p. 253-269

The Effects of Stress on Cognitive Aging, Physiology and Emotion (ESCAPE) Project

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Psychological distress and salivary secretory immunity

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The Impact of Neighborhood Environment, Social Support, andAvoidance Coping on Depressive Symptoms of Pregnant African-American Women

Carmen Giurgescu, Shannon N. Zenk, Thomas N. Templin, Christopher Gerald Engeland, Barbara L. Dancy, Chang Gi Park, Karen Kavanaugh, William Dieber, Dawn P. Misra, 2015, Women's Health Issues on p. 294-302

Inflammation and the dimensions of depression

Marzieh Majd, Erika F.H. Saunders, Christopher G. Engeland, 2019, Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology

Social Isolation Impairs Oral Palatal Wound Healing in Sprague-Dawley Rats

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Relationships among psychosocial factors, biomarkers, preeclampsia, and preterm birth in African American women

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Age-dependent and -independent associations between depression, anxiety, DHEAS, and cortisol

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Distinct inflammatory response patterns are evident among men and women with higher depressive symptoms

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