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Advisor for the Center for Mathematics of Living and Mimetic Matter

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Most Recent Papers

Fibrinogen and fibrin differentially regulate the local hydrodynamic environment in neutrophil–tumor cell–endothelial cell adhesion system

Yi Fu, Ang Li, Jie Wu, Robert F. Kunz, Ren Sun, Zurong Ding, Jianhua Wu, Cheng Dong, 2021, Applied Sciences (Switzerland) on p. 1-14

High-affinity mutant Interleukin-13 targeted CAR T cells enhance delivery of clickable biodegradable fluorescent nanoparticles to glioblastoma

Gloria B. Kim, Virginia Aragon-Sanabria, Lauren Randolph, Hali Jiang, Joshua A. Reynolds, Becky S. Webb, Achuthamangalam Madhankumar, Xiaojun Lian, James R. Connor, Jian Yang, Cheng Dong, 2020, Bioactive Materials on p. 624-635

In Situ Synthesis of an Aptamer-Based Polyvalent Antibody Mimic on the Cell Surface for Enhanced Interactions between Immune and Cancer Cells

Peng Shi, Xuelin Wang, Brandon Davis, James Coyne, Cheng Dong, Joshua Reynolds, Yong Wang, 2020, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition on p. 11892-11897

Citrate-Based Tannin-Bridged Bone Composites for Lumbar Fusion

Jinshan Guo, Xinggui Tian, Denghui Xie, Kevin Rahn, Ethan Gerhard, Michelle Laurel Kuzma, Dongfang Zhou, Cheng Dong, Xiaochun Bai, Zhihui Lu, Jian Yang, 2020, Advanced Functional Materials

Intentional carbon doping reveals CH as an abundant charged impurity in nominally undoped synthetic WS<sub>2</sub> and WSe<sub>2</sub>

K. A. Cochrane, T. Zhang, A. Kozhakhmetov, J. H. Lee, F. Zhang, C. Dong, J. B. Neaton, J. A. Robinson, M. Terrones, A. Weber Bargioni, B. Schuler, 2020, 2D Materials

Development of osteopromotive poly (octamethylene citrate glycerophosphate) for enhanced bone regeneration

Yun He, Qiyao Li, Chuying Ma, Denghui Xie, Limei Li, Yitao Zhao, Dingying Shan, Sarah K. Chomos, Cheng Dong, John W. Tierney, Lin Sun, Di Lu, Li Gui, Jian Yang, 2019, Acta Biomaterialia on p. 180-191

The critical chemical and mechanical regulation of folic acid on neural engineering

Gloria B. Kim, Yongjie Chen, Weibo Kang, Jinshan Guo, Russell Payne, Hui Li, Qiong Wei, Julianne Baker, Cheng Dong, Sulin Zhang, Pak Kin Wong, Elias B. Rizk, Jiazhi Yan, Jian Yang, 2018, Biomaterials on p. 504-516

Advanced Cell and Tissue Biomanufacturing

Kaiming Ye, David L. Kaplan, Gang Bao, Christopher Bettinger, Gabor Forgacs, Cheng Dong, Ali Khademhosseini, Yonggang Ke, Kam Leong, Athanassios Sambanis, Wei Sun, Peng Yin, 2018, ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering on p. 2292-2307

Integration of biochemical and biomechanical signals regulating endothelial barrier function

Virginia Aragon Sanabria, Cheng Dong, 2018, MCB Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics on p. 1-19

From cancer immunoediting to new strategies in cancer immunotherapy

Virginia Aragon-Sanabria, Gloria B. Kim, Cheng Dong, 2018, on p. 113-138

Most-Cited Papers

Design Strategies and Applications of Circulating Cell-Mediated Drug Delivery Systems

Yixue Su, Zhiwei Xie, Gloria B. Kim, Cheng Dong, Jian Yang, 2015, ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering on p. 201-217

Sequential binding of α<sub>v</sub>β<sub>3</sub>and ICAM-1 determines fibrin-mediated melanoma capture and stable adhesion to CD11b/CD18 on neutrophils

Pu Zhang, Tugba Ozdemir, Chin Ying Chung, Gavin P. Robertson, Cheng Dong, 2011, Journal of Immunology on p. 242-254

Immune cell-mediated biodegradable theranostic nanoparticles for melanoma targeting and drug delivery

Zhiwei Xie, Yixue Su, Gloria B. Kim, Erhan Selvi, Chuying Ma, Virginia Aragon-Sanabria, Jer Tsong Hsieh, Cheng Dong, Jian Yang, 2017, Small

Melanoma upregulates ICAM-1 expression on endothelial cells through engagement of tumor CD44 with endothelial E-selectin and activation of a PKCα-p38-SP-1 pathway

Pu Zhang, Chris Goodrich, Changliang Fu, Cheng Dong, 2014, FASEB Journal on p. 4591-4609

The use of nanoparticulates to treat breast cancer

Xiaomeng Tang, Welley S. Loc, Cheng Dong, Gail L. Matters, Peter J. Butler, Mark Kester, Craig Meyers, Yixing Jiang, James H. Adair, 2017, Nanomedicine on p. 2367-2388

Determining β <sub>2</sub>-integrin and intercellular adhesion molecule 1 binding kinetics in tumor cell adhesion to leukocytes and endothelial cells by a gas-driven micropipette assay

Changliang Fu, Chunfang Tong, Manliu Wang, Yuxin Gao, Yan Zhang, Shouqin Lü, Shile Liang, Cheng Dong, Mian Long, 2011, Journal of Biological Chemistry on p. 34777-34787

VE-Cadherin disassembly and cell contractility in the endothelium are necessary for barrier disruption induced by tumor cells

Virginia Aragon-Sanabria, Steven E. Pohler, Vikram J. Eswar, Matthew Bierowski, Esther W. Gomez, Cheng Dong, 2017, Scientific Reports

Nuclear Stiffening Inhibits Migration of Invasive Melanoma Cells

Alexandre J.S. Ribeiro, Payal Khanna, Aishwarya Sukumar, Cheng Dong, Kris Noel Dahl, 2014, Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering on p. 544-551

A Drosera-bioinspired hydrogel for catching and killing cancer cells

Shihui Li, Niancao Chen, Erin R. Gaddes, Xiaolong Zhang, Cheng Dong, Yong Wang, 2015, Scientific Reports

CD82/KAI expression prevents IL-8-mediated endothelial gap formation in late-stage melanomas

P. Khanna, C. Y. Chung, R. I. Neves, G. P. Robertson, C. Dong, 2014, Oncogene on p. 2898-2908