Charles Geier

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Charles Geier

Research Summary

Adolescent neurodevelopment and risky decision making; emergence of substance use; fMRI methods

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Most Recent Publications

Determining risk for stress-linked psychiatric illness following adolescent stress exposure

Lauren Chaby, Heather Lasseter, Charles Geier, Andreas Jeromin, Current Opinions in Behavioral Sciences on p. 79-89

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Relations Between Executive Functioning and Internalizing Symptoms Vary as a Function of Frontoparietal-amygdala Resting State Connectivity

Kelley E. Gunther, Daniel Petrie, Koraly Pérez-Edgar, Charles Geier, 2023, Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Children with lower ratings of executive functions have a greater response to the portion size effect

Kathleen L. Keller, Alaina Pearce, Bari Fuchs, Kyle Hallisky, Barbara J. Rolls, Stephen J. Wilson, Charles Geier, E Rose, 2023, Appetite

Heterogeneity in fronto-amygdala connectivity in middle childhood, and concurrent interrelations with inhibitory control and anxiety symptomology

Kelley Gunther, D Petrie, A Pearce, B Fuchs, Koraly Perez-Edgar, K Keller, C Geier, 2022, Neuropsychologia

Heterogeneity in PFC-amygdala connectivity in middle childhood, and concurrent interrelations with inhibitory control and anxiety symptoms

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The Effectiveness of a Teacher-Delivered Mindfulness-Based Curriculum on Adolescent Social-Emotional and Executive Functioning

Jennifer L. Frank, Patricia Broderick, Yoonkyung Oh, Joy Mitra, Kimberly Kohler, Deborah Schussler, Kimberly Kohler, Deborah L. Schussler, Charles Geier, Elaine Berrena, Robert W. Roeser, Julia Mahfouz, E Berrena, Julia Mahfouz, Joseph Levitan, Joseph Levitan, Robert Roeser, M Greenberg, 2021, Mindfulness on p. 1234-1251

Most-Cited Papers

Adolescent cognitive control and reward processing: Implications for risk taking and substance use

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