Charles Geier

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Charles Geier

Research Summary

Adolescent neurodevelopment and risky decision making; emergence of substance use; fMRI methods

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Most Recent Papers

Determining risk for stress-linked psychiatric illness following adolescent stress exposure

Lauren Chaby, Heather Lasseter, Charles Geier, Andreas Jeromin, Current Opinions in Behavioral Sciences on p. 79-89

Cracking the code of live human social interaction in autism: A review of the eye-tracking literature

S. Laskowitz, J. Griffin, Charles Geier, K. Scherf, Proceedings of Machine Learning Research

Children's inhibitory control abilities in the presence of rewards are related to weight status and eating in the absence of hunger

S. Adise, C. N. White, N. J. Roberts, C. F. Geier, K. L. Keller, 2021, Appetite

Effective connectivity during an avoidance-based pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer task

Daniel J. Petrie, Sy Miin Chow, Charles F. Geier, 2021, Brain Sciences

Decision-Making Processes Related to Perseveration Are Indirectly Associated With Weight Status in Children Through Laboratory-Assessed Energy Intake

Bari A. Fuchs, Nicole J. Roberts, Shana Adise, Alaina L. Pearce, Charles F. Geier, Corey White, Zita Oravecz, Kathleen L. Keller, 2021, Frontiers in Psychology

Determining effects of adolescent stress exposure on risk for posttraumatic stress disorder in adulthood

Lauren E. Chaby, Heather C. Lasseter, Charles Geier, Andreas Jeromin, 2020, Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences on p. 79-89

Individual differences in the influence of taste and health impact successful dietary self-control

Alaina L. Pearce, Shana Adise, Nicole J. Roberts, Corey White, Charles F. Geier, Kathleen L. Keller, 2020, Physiology and Behavior

Development and Pilot Testing of Standardized Food Images for Studying Eating Behaviors in Children

Samantha M.R. Kling, Alaina L. Pearce, Marissa L. Reynolds, Hugh Garavan, Charles F. Geier, Barbara J. Rolls, Emma J. Rose, Stephen J. Wilson, Kathleen L. Keller, 2020, Frontiers in Psychology

Food or money? Children's brains respond differently to rewards regardless of weight status

S. Adise, C. F. Geier, N. J. Roberts, C. N. White, K. L. Keller, 2019, Pediatric obesity

A novel hierarchical later process model

Nicole J. Roberts, Zita Oravecz, Briana N. Sprague, Charles F. Geier, 2019, Frontiers in Psychiatry

Most-Cited Papers

Adolescent cognitive control and reward processing

Charles F. Geier, 2013, Hormones and Behavior on p. 333-342

Adolescent brain maturation and smoking: What we know and where we're headed

David M. Lydon, Stephen J. Wilson, Amanda Child, Charles F. Geier, 2014, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews on p. 323-342

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The Teenage Brain

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Developmental Effects of Incentives on Response Inhibition

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Dissociated effects of anticipating smoking versus monetary reward in the caudate as a function of smoking abstinence

Maggie M. Sweitzer, Charles F. Geier, Danielle L. Joel, Patrick McGurrin, Rachel L. Denlinger, Erika E. Forbes, Eric C. Donny, 2014, Biological Psychiatry on p. 681-688

Smoking Abstinence-Induced Changes in Resting State Functional Connectivity with Ventral Striatum Predict Lapse during a Quit Attempt

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Blunted striatal response to monetary reward anticipation during smoking abstinence predicts lapse during a contingency-managed quit attempt

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Is brain response to food rewards related to overeating? A test of the reward surfeit model of overeating in children

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Modulation of reward-related neural activation on sensation seeking across development

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