Bruce Logan

Evan Pugh University Professor and Kappe Professor of Environmental Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Electrodes Air Cathodes Microbial Fuel Cells Wastewater Membranes Wastewater Treatment Desalination Fuel Cell Bioelectric Energy Sources Hydrogen Cathode Electrons Electricity Methane Energy Waste Water Activated Carbon Water Behavior As Electrode Resistance Membrane Application Electrode Catalysts

Most Recent Publications

Hydrocarbon-based membranes cost-effectively manage species transport and increase performance in thermally regenerative batteries

Nicholas R. Cross, Holkan Vazquez-Sanchez, Matthew Rau, Serguei N. Lvov, Michael Anthony Hickner, Christopher A. Gorski, Shashank S. Nagaraja, S. Mani Sarathy, Bruce Ernest Logan, Derek Hall, 2023, Electrochimica Acta

Rachel Taylor, Le Shi, Xuechen Zhou, Ruggero Rossi, Cristian Picioreanu, Bruce E. Logan, 2023, Journal of Membrane Science

Increasing the Electrolyte Salinity to Improve the Performance of Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers

Ruggero Rossi, Rachel Taylor, Bruce E. Logan, 2023, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering on p. 8573-8579

System efficiency and power assessment of the all-aqueous copper thermally regenerative ammonia battery

Nicholas Cross, Matthew Rau, Serguei N. Lvov, Christopher A. Gorski, Bruce E. Logan, Derek Hall, 2023, Applied Energy on p. 120959

Using nickel-molybdenum cathode catalysts for efficient hydrogen gas production in microbial electrolysis cells

Ruggero Rossi, Joseph Nicolas, Bruce E. Logan, 2023, Journal of Power Sources

Defect free rolling phase inversion activated carbon air cathodes for scale-up electrochemical applications

Kexin Yi, Wulin Yang, Bruce E. Logan, 2023, Chemical Engineering Journal

Impact of reactor configuration on pilot-scale microbial fuel cell performance

Ruggero Rossi, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Water Research

High-rate microbial electrosynthesis using a zero-gap flow cell and vapor-fed anode design

Gahyun Baek, Ruggero Rossi, Pascal E. Saikaly, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Water Research

Ruggero Rossi, Andy Y. Hur, Martin A. Page, Amalia O.Brien Thomas, Joseph J. Butkiewicz, David W. Jones, Gahyun Baek, Pascal E. Saikaly, Donald M. Cropek, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Water Research

Most-Cited Papers

Bruce E. Logan, Ruggero Rossi, Ala’a Ragab, Pascal E. Saikaly, 2019, Nature Reviews Microbiology on p. 307-319

Bruce E. Logan, Maxwell J. Wallack, Kyoung Yeol Kim, Weihua He, Yujie Feng, Pascal E. Saikaly, 2015, Environmental Science and Technology Letters on p. 206-214

Electrochemical technologies for wastewater treatment and resource reclamation

Yujie Feng, Lisha Yang, Junfeng Liu, Bruce E. Logan, 2016, Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology on p. 800-831

Lijiao Ren, Yongtae Ahn, Bruce E. Logan, 2014, Environmental Science & Technology on p. 4199-4206

Microbial desalination cells for energy production and desalination

Younggy Kim, Bruce E. Logan, 2013, Desalination on p. 122-130

COD removal characteristics in air-cathode microbial fuel cells

Xiaoyuan Zhang, Weihua He, Lijiao Ren, Jennifer Stager, Patrick J. Evans, Bruce E. Logan, 2015, Agricultural Wastes on p. 23-31

Ionic resistance and permselectivity tradeoffs in anion exchange membranes

Geoffrey M. Geise, Michael A. Hickner, Bruce E. Logan, 2013, ACS applied materials & interfaces on p. 10294-10301

Taeyoung Kim, Christopher A. Gorski, Bruce E. Logan, 2017, Environmental Science and Technology Letters on p. 444-449

Enhanced activated carbon cathode performance for microbial fuel cell by blending carbon black

Xiaoyuan Zhang, Xue Xia, Ivan Ivanov, Xia Huang, Bruce E. Logan, 2014, Environmental Science & Technology on p. 2075-2081

Svenja T. Lohner, Jörg S. Deutzmann, Bruce E. Logan, John Leigh, Alfred M. Spormann, 2014, ISME Journal on p. 1673-1681

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