Bruce Logan

Evan Pugh University Professor and Kappe Professor of Environmental Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Electrodes Microbial Fuel Cells Air Cathodes Wastewater Membranes Wastewater Treatment Methane Desalination Cathode Fuel Cell Bioelectric Energy Sources Hydrogen Behavior As Electrode Electrons Carbon Dioxide Electrode Electricity Energy Waste Water Activated Carbon Water Catalysts Current Density Cell

Most Recent Publications

Using nickel-molybdenum cathode catalysts for efficient hydrogen gas production in microbial electrolysis cells

Ruggero Rossi, Joseph Nicolas, Bruce E. Logan, 2023, Journal of Power Sources

Defect free rolling phase inversion activated carbon air cathodes for scale-up electrochemical applications

Kexin Yi, Wulin Yang, Bruce E. Logan, 2023, Chemical Engineering Journal

Impact of reactor configuration on pilot-scale microbial fuel cell performance

Ruggero Rossi, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Water Research

High-rate microbial electrosynthesis using a zero-gap flow cell and vapor-fed anode design

Gahyun Baek, Ruggero Rossi, Pascal E. Saikaly, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Water Research

Ruggero Rossi, Andy Y. Hur, Martin A. Page, Amalia O.Brien Thomas, Joseph J. Butkiewicz, David W. Jones, Gahyun Baek, Pascal E. Saikaly, Donald M. Cropek, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Water Research

Using copper-based biocathodes to improve carbon dioxide conversion efficiency into methane in microbial methanogenesis cells

Gahyun Baek, Le Shi, Ruggero Rossi, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Chemical Engineering Journal

Hydrodynamic interventions and measurement protocols to quantify and mitigate power overshoot in microbial fuel cells using microfluidics

Mehran Abbaszadeh Amirdehi, Lingling Gong, Nastaran Khodaparastasgarabad, Jayesh M. Sonawane, Bruce E. Logan, Jesse Greener, 2022, Electrochimica Acta

Vapor-Fed Cathode Microbial Electrolysis Cells with Closely Spaced Electrodes Enables Greatly Improved Performance

Ruggero Rossi, Gahyun Baek, Bruce E. Logan, 2022, Environmental Science & Technology on p. 1211-1220

The effect of high external voltages on bioanodes of microbial electrolysis cells in the presence of chlorides

Baek, Le Shi, R Rossi, Bruce Logan, 2022, Chem. Eng. J. on p. 1267422

Most-Cited Papers

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Electrochemical technologies for wastewater treatment and resource reclamation

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Microbial desalination cells for energy production and desalination

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Ionic resistance and permselectivity tradeoffs in anion exchange membranes

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COD removal characteristics in air-cathode microbial fuel cells

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Influence of chemical and physical properties of activated carbon powders on oxygen reduction and microbial fuel cell performance

Valerie J. Watson, Cesar Nieto Delgado, Bruce E. Logan, 2013, Environmental Science & Technology on p. 6704-6710