Bruce Gluckman

Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics; Professor of Neurosurgery; Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Associate Director, Penn State Center for Neural Engineering

Bruce Gluckman

Research Summary

The dynamics of neural systems, how group dynamics form or emerge from the coupled dynamics of individual units, and how to measure and interact with these systems.

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Most Recent Papers

Control of Spreading Depression with Electrical Fields

Andrew Whalen, Ying Xiao, Herve Kadji, Markus Dahlem, Bruce Gluckman, S Schiff,

Proceedings of the Sleep and Epilepsy Workshop

Mark Quigg, Carl W. Bazil, Melanie Boly, Erik St Louis, Judy Liu, Louis Ptacek, Rama Maganti, Frank Kalume, Bruce J. Gluckman, Jay Pathmanathan, Milena K. Pavlova, Gordon F. Buchanan, 2021, Epilepsy Currents on p. 204-209

Proceedings of the Sleep and Epilepsy Workshop

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Model-based analysis and forecast of sleep-wake regulatory dynamics

F. Bahari, J. Kimbugwe, K. D. Alloway, Bruce Gluckman, 2021, Chaos

Functional hyperemia drives fluid exchange in the paravascular space

Ravi Teja Kedarasetti, Kevin L. Turner, Christina Echagarruga, Bruce J. Gluckman, Patrick J. Drew, Francesco Costanzo, 2020, Fluids and Barriers of the CNS

Work in progress - A problem-based curriculum in support of structured learning experiences to prepare ph.d. candidates for independent research

Stephanie Cutler, Yu Xia, Cliff J. Lissenden, Francesco Costanzo, Bruce Gluckman, Thomas A. Litzinger, 2020, ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings

Seizure-associated spreading depression is a major feature of ictal events in two animal models of chronic epilepsy

Fatemeh Bahari, Paddy Ssentongo, Jiayang Liu, John Kimbugwe, Carlos Curay, Steven J. Schiff, Bruce J. Gluckman, 2020, bioRxiv on p. 455519

Biological marker and methods

Bruce Gluckman, Fatemeh Bahari, S Schiff, 2019,

Toward a Wearable Data Assimilation Platform

Philip Graybill, Bruce J. Gluckman, Mehdi Kiani, 2019,

Functional hyperemia drives fluid exchange in the paravascular space

Ravi Kedarasetti, Kevin Turner, Christina Echagarruga, Bruce Gluckman, P Drew, F Costanzo, 2019, bioRxiv on p. 838813

Most-Cited Papers

Rapid eye movement sleep and hippocampal theta oscillations precede seizure onset in the tetanus toxin model of temporal lobe epilepsy

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Challenges in wearable personal health monitoring systems

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Low cost electroencephalographic acquisition amplifier to serve as teaching and research tool

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The role of inhibition in oscillatory wave dynamics in the cortex

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Mechanistic machine learning

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A brain–heart biomarker for epileptogenesis

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Frequency dependence of behavioral modulation by hippocampal electrical stimulation.

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