Bronwen Powell

Associate Professor of Geography, African Studies and Anthropology

Bronwen Powell

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Food Diet Nutrition Forests Biodiversity Vegetables Tanzania Morocco Tropics Food Consumption Food Security Indonesia Crops Mountains Micronutrients Determinants Fruit Markets Healthy Diet Village Villages Nutritional Adequacy Water Market Forest Trees

Most Recent Publications

Lilly Zeitler, Shauna Downs, Bronwen Powell, 2024, Frontiers in Nutrition

Lucas B. Harris, Alan H. Taylor, Habtemariam Kassa, Samson Leta, Bronwen Powell, 2023, Fire Ecology

Bronwen Powell, Indra D. Bhatt, Megan Mucioki, Suresh Rana, Sandeep Rawat, Rachel Bezner Kerr, 2023, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Sixth Assessment Report (WGII AR6), Internal Draft of Chapter 5: Food, Fibre, and Other Ecosystem Products

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Transforming food systems with trees and forests

Amy Ickowitz, Stepha McMullin, Todd Rosenstock, Ian Dawson, Dominic Rowland, Bronwen Powell, Kai Mausch, Houria Djoudi, Terry Sunderland, Mulia Nurhasan, Andreea Novak, Vincent Gitz, Alexandre Meybeck, Ramni Jamnadass, Manuel R. Guariguata, Céline Termote, Robert Nasi, 2022, The Lancet Planetary Health on p. e632-e639

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Amy Ickowitz, Stepha McMullin, Todd Rosenstock, Ian Dawson, Dominic Rowland, Bronwen Powell, Kai Mausch, Houria Djoudi, Terry Sunderland, Mulia Nurhasan, Andreea Nowak, Vincent Gitz, Alexandre Meybeck, Ramni Jamnadass, 2022, Lancet Planetary Health

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Most-Cited Papers

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