Barbara Jean Rolls

Professor and Helen A. Guthrie Chair of Nutritional Sciences; Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Barbara Jean Rolls

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Most Recent Papers

The relative importance of complexity, variety, and portion size in ice cream preference in Dutch and American participants

Anouk E.M. Hendriks-Hartensveld, Jennifer L. Brodock, John E. Hayes, Barbara J. Rolls, Kathleen Loralee Keller, Remco C. Havermans, 2022, Food Quality and Preference

Does labelling a food as ‘light’ vs. ‘filling’ influence intake and sensory-specific satiation?

Anouk E.M. Hendriks-Hartensveld, Barbara J. Rolls, Paige M. Cunningham, Chantal Nederkoorn, Remco C. Havermans, 2022, Appetite

Construct validation of the Reasons Individuals Stop Eating Questionnaire (RISE-Q) and the development of the RISE-Q-15

Liam R. Chawner, Shihui Yu, Paige M. Cunningham, Barbara J. Rolls, Marion M. Hetherington, 2022, Appetite

Examining the Role of Food Form on Children's Self-Regulation of Energy Intake

Nicole A. Reigh, Barbara J. Rolls, Lori Anne Francis, Kristin A. Buss, John E. Hayes, Marion M. Hetherington, Kameron J. Moding, Samantha Kling, Kathleen Loralee Keller, 2022, Frontiers in Nutrition

Portion size can be used strategically to increase intake of vegetables and fruits in young children over multiple days

Liane S. Roe, Christine E. Sanchez, Alissa D. Smethers, Kathleen L. Keller, Barbara J. Rolls, 2022, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on p. 272-283

Promoting vegetable intake in preschool children

Hanim E. Diktas, Liane S. Roe, Kathleen L. Keller, Christine E. Sanchez, Barbara J. Rolls, 2021, Appetite

The Satiation Framework: Exploring processes that contribute to satiation

Paige Cunningham, Barbara Rolls, 2021, Physiology & Behavior

The Satiation Framework

Paige M. Cunningham, Barbara J. Rolls, 2021, Physiology and Behavior

Association between state-based and trait-based responsiveness to satiety cues differs by child risk for overweight/obesity

Nicole Reigh, Alaina Pearce, Hugh Garavan, C Geier, Barbara Rolls, 2021, Current Developments in Nutrition

Do behaviors such as eating faster or taking larger bites Moderate the portion size effect?

Paige Cunningham, Liane Roe, Anouk Hendriks, Barbara Rolls, 2021, Current Developments in Nutrition

Most-Cited Papers

NIH working group report

Paul S. MacLean, Rena R. Wing, Terry Davidson, Leonard Epstein, Bret Goodpaster, Kevin D. Hall, Barry E. Levin, Michael G. Perri, Barbara J. Rolls, Michael Rosenbaum, Alexander J. Rothman, Donna Ryan, 2015, Obesity on p. 7-15

Myths, presumptions, and facts about obesity

Krista Casazza, Kevin R. Fontaine, Arne Astrup, Leann L. Birch, Andrew W. Brown, Michelle M. Bohan Brown, Nefertiti Durant, Gareth Dutton, E. Michael Foster, Steven B. Heymsfield, Kerry McIver, Tapan Mehta, Nir Menachemi, P. K. Newby, Russell Pate, Barbara J. Rolls, Bisakha Sen, Daniel L. Smith, Diana M. Thomas, David B. Allison, 2013, New England Journal of Medicine on p. 446-454

What is the role of portion control in weight management

B. J. Rolls, 2014, International Journal of Obesity on p. S1-S8

Weighing the Evidence of Common Beliefs in Obesity Research

Krista Casazza, Andrew Brown, Arne Astrup, Fredrik Bertz, Charles Baum, Michelle Bohan Brown, John Dawson, Nefertiti Durant, Gareth Dutton, David A. Fields, Kevin R. Fontaine, Steven Heymsfield, David Levitsky, Tapan Mehta, Nir Menachemi, P. K. Newby, Russell Pate, Hollie Raynor, Barbara J. Rolls, Bisakha Sen, Daniel L. Smith, Diana Thomas, Brian Wansink, David B. Allison, 2015, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition on p. 2014-2053

Serving a variety of vegetables and fruit as a snack increased intake in preschool children

Liane S. Roe, Jennifer S. Meengs, Leann L. Birch, Barbara J. Rolls, 2013, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on p. 693-699

Serving larger portions of fruits and vegetables together at dinner promotes intake of both foods among young children

Kevin C. Mathias, Barbara J. Rolls, Leann L. Birch, Tanja V.E. Kral, Elizabeth L. Hanna, Adam Davey, Jennifer O. Fisher, 2012, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on p. 266-270

Dietary energy density is associated with obesity and other biomarkers of chronic disease in US adults

Jacqueline A. Vernarelli, Diane C. Mitchell, Barbara J. Rolls, Terryl J. Hartman, 2014, Zeitschrift fur Ernahrungswissenschaft on p. 59-65

Vegetable Variety

Jennifer S. Meengs, Liane S. Roe, Barbara J. Rolls, 2012, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on p. 1211-1215

Dietary Management of Obesity: Cornerstones of Healthy Eating Patterns

Alissa D. Smethers, Barbara J. Rolls, 2018, Medical Clinics of North America on p. 107-124

Double trouble: Portion size and energy density combine to increase preschool children's lunch intake

Samantha M.R. Kling, Liane S. Roe, Kathleen L. Keller, Barbara J. Rolls, 2016, Physiology and Behavior on p. 18-26

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This local TV news segment features Barbara Rolls, professor and Helen A. Guthrie Chair of Nutritional Sciences.

Why You Always Have Room for Pie

One of the more curious phenomena of the Thanksgiving meal is how we can feel completely full, yet somehow always find room for dessert.

Volumetrics Diet: lose weight by eating more

Food. We need it to survive. We consume it every day. Yet, sometimes food has the power to consume us.

Tips To Be Fit: How important is water to trying to lose weight?

We have all heard that to curve your appetite just drink water to make your stomach feel full and you won’t eat as much. “Water doesn’t help you eat less,” says Barbara Rolls, a nutritionist at Penn State University. The body has different satiety points for food and water, and one doesn’t translate to the other. But eating foods high in water content could satisfy appetite and curb calorie consumption.

Obesity: America’s number one export?

Food research by the U.S. military, particularly World War II, led to the creation of processed wartime rations. After the Allied victory, the world largely adopted America's processed-food diet, a key factor for the global obesity crisis.

Penn State Professor’s Diet Plan Ranked Second-Best For Weight Loss

Penn State students who have a New Year’s Resolution involving eating healthier can follow an award-winning diet plan that was developed at Penn State.

You can be full and have room for dessert

Those with a sweet tooth will be well versed in feeling full but having space for pudding. Good news for many, an expert claims “dessert stomach” is not only real, but part of our evolution.

Weight loss diet developed at Penn State ranked second-best for 2020

A weight loss diet created by a nutritionist at Penn State University has been ranked one of the best to follow in 2020 for those looking to shed pounds.

Weight-loss plan developed at Penn State ties for No. 2 ranking

If eating healthier is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, you may need to look no further than Volumetrics, a diet developed by Penn State Professor of Nutrition Barbara Rolls that has tied for the No. 2 weight-loss plan in this year’s U.S. News & World Report's "Best Diets."

Ist es normal, dass... du immer Nachtisch essen kannst, auch wenn du satt bist?

Zur Vorspeise Häppchen, vielleicht ein bisschen Suppe, dann der Braten mit viel Soße, Kartoffeln, Gemüse – bei einem großen Fest gemeinsam mit Familie und Freunden gönnst wahrscheinlich auch du dir so richtig was.