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Barbara Christ

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Most Recent Papers

An interactive online database for potato varieties evaluated in the eastern United States

Mark E. Clough, George C. Yencho, Barbara Christ, Walter DeJong, Donald Halseth, Kathleen Haynes, Melvin Henninger, Chad Hutchinson, Matt Kleinhenz, Greg A. Porter, Richard E. Veilleux, 2010, HortTechnology on p. 250-256

Effects of one cycle of recurrent selection for early blight resistance in a diploid hybrid solanum phureja-S. stenotomum population

Jose H.Santa Cruz, Kathleen G. Haynes, Barbara J. Christ, 2009, American Journal of Potato Research on p. 490-498

Heritability of resistance to common scab in diploid potatoes

Kathleen G. Haynes, Barbara J. Christ, Christopher R. Burkhart, Bryan T. Vinyard, 2009, American Journal of Potato Research on p. 165-170

Determining the importance of combining ability for late blight resistance in early generations of potato breeding when susceptible clones are discarded

Kathleen G. Haynes, Barbara Jane Christ, Bryan T. Vinyard, 2008, American Potato Journal on p. 445-454

Proceedings from the symposium

Barbara J. Christ, 2008, American Journal of Potato Research on p. 239-240

Non-additive genetic variance governs resistance to Fusarium dry rot in a diploid hybrid potato population

Christopher R. Burkhart, Barbara J. Christ, Kathleen G. Haynes, 2007, American Journal of Potato Research on p. 199-204

Evaluation of a short-day adapted tetraploid potato population with horizontal resistance to Phytophthora infestans under long-day conditions in northern Maine

Kathleen G. Haynes, Robert W. Goth, David H. Lambert, Barbara J. Christ, 2007, American Journal of Potato Research on p. 459-466

Mapping polygenes for tuber resistance to late blight in a diploid Solanum phureja x S. stenotomum hybrid population

I. Simko, S. Costanzo, V. Ramanjulu, B. J. Christ, K. G. Haynes, 2006, Plant Breeding on p. 385-389

Inheritance and stability of resistance to fusarium tuber rot in tetraploid potatoes

Ramanjulu Valluru, Barbara Jane Christ, Kathleen G. Haynes, Bryan T. Vinyard, 2006, American Potato Journal on p. 335-341


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