Armen Kemanian

Professor of Production Systems and Modeling

Armen Kemanian

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Agricultural Systems, Agricultural and Natural Systems Modeling, Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling, Bioenergy Systems, Coupled Hydrologic and Nutrient Modeling, and Plant Competition

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Corn Maize Zea Mays Soil Soybeans Temperature Crops Carbon Crop Climate Climate Change Machine Learning Cover Crops Soybean Biomass Soil Organic Matter Crop Production Humification Sorghum Rate Aboveground Biomass Wheat Agroecosystems Reaction Yield Nitrous Oxide

Most Recent Publications

Yuning Shi, Felipe Montes, Armen R. Kemanian, 2023, Water Resources Research on p. 22

Tradeoffs when interseeding cover crops into corn across the Chesapeake Bay watershed

Curt A. McConnell, Rachel K.N. Rozum, Yuning Shi, Armen R. Kemanian, 2023, Agricultural Systems

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Assessing a century of maize and soybean polyculture for silage production

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Mitchell C. Hunter, Armen R. Kemanian, David A. Mortensen, 2021, Agro-Ecosystems

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Most-Cited Papers

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Greater humification of belowground than aboveground biomass carbon into particulate soil organic matter in no-till corn and soybean crops

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Plant density and leaf area index effects on the distribution of light transmittance to the soil surface in maize

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News Articles Featuring Armen Kemanian

Novel tool informs land use and nutrient control in troubled waters

Penn State researchers develop 3D agro-hydrologic model to simulate water, nutrient transport through entire watersheds.

Grants awarded to Penn State faculty for tropical ecosystems research in Belize

Three projects have been awarded seed grants as part of the Penn State-Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education Research and Education Initiative to develop agroforestry systems .

Cover crops project provides fertile ground for USDA graduate fellows

Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences graduate students received more predoctoral fellowships from the U.S. Department of Agriculture than any other institution over the last five years.

New study aims to help Pennsylvania dairy farmers develop 'climate smart' practices

A team of researchers at Penn State received a $25 million grant to investigate how Pennsylvania dairy farmers can reduce their emissions through "climate-smart" practices.

Penn State study aims to help Pa. dairy farmers cut methane — and show carbon offsets are real

A team at Penn State received a $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study reduction in dairy farm methane emissions by using what the agency calls “climate-smart” practices.

Climate change prompts Pa. farmers to adapt crops and businesses

Hugh McPherson’s father planted the first apple orchards on the family farm in southern York County about 30 years ago, choosing varieties such as Red Chief, Smoothee Gold, and McIntosh.

Penn State awarded grant to help dairy farmers develop climate-smart commodities

Funding of up to $25 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will support a new Penn State-led collaboration with dairy industry associations and producers to develop and implement climate-smart practices on Pennsylvania dairy farms.

Research team to study food resilience in the face of catastrophic global events

An interdisciplinary team of Penn State professors has received $3 million from Open Philanthropy to study food resilience in the face of potentially catastrophic global events.