Anne-Marie Chang

Assistant Professor in Biobehavioral Health

Anne-Marie Chang

Research Summary

Genetic analysis of sleep and circadian rhythms, cardio-metabolic function in humans; effects of light on sleep, circadian physiology, and neurobehavioral performance.

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Most Recent Publications

Rebecca Derbes, Jonathan Hakun, Daniel Elbich, Lindsay Master, Sheri Berenbaum, Xuemei Huang, Orfeu M. Buxton, Anne-Marie Chang, Cristina I. Truica, Kathleen Sturgeon, 2024, Scientific Reports

Daniel M. Roberts, Margeaux M. Schade, Lindsay Master, Vasant G. Honavar, Nicole G. Nahmod, Anne Marie Chang, Daniel Gartenberg, Orfeu M. Buxton, 2024, Sleep Health on p. 255-260

Lauren E. Hartstein, Gina Marie Mathew, David A. Reichenberger, Isaac Rodriguez, Nicholas Allen, Anne Marie Chang, Jean Philippe Chaput, Dimitri A. Christakis, Michelle Garrison, Joshua J. Gooley, Jessica A. Koos, Jan Van Den Bulck, Heather Woods, Jamie M. Zeitzer, Joseph M. Dzierzewski, Lauren Hale, 2024, Sleep Health

Recovery sleep following sleep restriction is insufficient to return elevated daytime heart rate and systolic blood pressure to baseline levels

David Reichenberger, Kelly Ness, Stephen Strayer, Gina Mathew, M Gray, Margeaux Schade, Orfeu Buxton, Anne-Marie Chang, 2023, Psychosomatic Medicine on p. 744-751

Longitudinal relations of sleep quality with depressive symptoms, diabetes distress and self-efficacy in young people with type 1 diabetes

Giesje Nefs, Richard Feinn, Anne Marie Chang, Julie Wagner, 2023, Journal of Psychosomatic Research

Actigraphic Sleep Variability is Associated With Lower Positive Mood in Adolescents

G Mathew, D Reichenberger, L Master, O Buxton, Anne Marie Chang, L Hale, 2023, Journal of Adolescent Health on p. 478-485

L Master, N Nahmod, G Mathew, L Hale, Anne Marie Chang, Orfeu M. Buxton, 2023, Journal of Adolescence on p. 1140-1151

Effects of a 1-hour per night week-long sleep extension in college students on cardiometabolic parameters, hydration status, and physical activity: A pilot study

G Mathew, N Nahmod, L Master, D Reichenberger, Asher Y. Rosinger, Anne Marie Chang, 2023, Sleep Health

Interactive Screen-Based Activities Predict Worse Actigraphic Sleep Health That Night Among Adolescents

D Reichenberger, L Master, G Mathew, C Snyder, Orfeu M. Buxton, L Hale, Anne-Marie Chang, 2023, Journal of Adolescent Health

Entrainment to gradual vs. immediate 8-hour phase advance shifts with and without short-wavelength enriched polychromatic green light

Anne Marie Chang, Clare Anderson, Sean W. Cain, David A. Reichenberger, Joseph M. Ronda, Steven W. Lockley, Charles A. Czeisler, 2023, Sleep Health

Most-Cited Papers

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College life can be rigorous and exhausting, but new research suggests that just one extra hour of sleep a night is not only possible, but can also have significant health benefits for college students.

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College life can be rigorous and exhausting, but new research suggests that just one extra hour of sleep a night is not only possible, but can also have significant health benefits for college students.

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