Amie Boal

Associate Professor of Chemistry and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Amie Boal

Research Summary

The structural differences between members of large metalloenzyme superfamilies that share common features but promote different reactions or use distinct cofactors.

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Most Recent Papers

Structure and assembly of the diiron cofactor in the heme-oxygenase–like domain of the N-nitrosourea–producing enzyme SznF

Molly J. McBride, Sarah R. Pope, Kai Hu, C. Denise Okafor, Emily P. Balskus, J. Martin Bollinger, Amie K. Boal, 2021, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

An Iron(IV)-Oxo Intermediate Initiating l -Arginine Oxidation but Not Ethylene Production by the 2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Oxygenase, Ethylene-Forming Enzyme

Rachelle A. Copeland, Katherine M. Davis, Tokufu Kent C. Shoda, Elizabeth J. Blaesi, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2021, Journal of the American Chemical Society

Intrinsically disordered substrates dictate SPOP subnuclear localization and ubiquitination activity

Emery T. Usher, Nafiseh Sabri, Roman Rohac, Amie K. Boal, Tanja Mittag, Scott A. Showalter, 2021, Journal of Biological Chemistry

A peroxodiiron(III/III) intermediate mediating both n-hydroxylation steps in biosynthesis of the n-nitrosourea pharmacophore of streptozotocin by the multi-domain metalloenzyme SznF

Molly J. McBride, Debangsu Sil, Tai L. Ng, Anne Marie Crooke, Grace E. Kenney, Christina R. Tysoe, Bo Zhang, Emily P. Balskus, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2020, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 11818-11828

The immune system mimics a pathogen

Amie K. Boal, 2019, Science on p. 574-575

Structure of a Ferryl Mimic in the Archetypal Iron(II)- And 2-(Oxo)-glutarate-Dependent Dioxygenase, TauD

Katherine M. Davis, Madison Altmyer, Ryan J. Martinie, Irene Schaperdoth, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, Amie K. Boal, 2019, Biochemistry on p. 4218-4223

Substrate-triggered formation of a peroxo-Fe<sub>2</sub>(III/III) intermediate during fatty acid decarboxylation by UndA

Bo Zhang, Lauren J. Rajakovich, Devon Van Cura, Elizabeth J. Blaesi, Andrew J. Mitchell, Christina R. Tysoe, Xuejun Zhu, Bennett R. Streit, Zhe Rui, Wenjun Zhang, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2019, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 14510-14514

Biochemical and Structural Characterization of XoxG and XoxJ and Their Roles in Lanthanide-Dependent Methanol Dehydrogenase Activity

Emily R. Featherston, Hannah R. Rose, Molly J. McBride, Ellison M. Taylor, Amie K. Boal, Joseph A. Cotruvo, 2019, ChemBioChem on p. 2360-2372

Analysis of RNA Methylation by Phylogenetically Diverse Cfr Radical S-Adenosylmethionine Enzymes Reveals an Iron-Binding Accessory Domain in a Clostridial Enzyme

James D. Gumkowski, Ryan J. Martinie, Patrick S. Corrigan, Juan Pan, Matthew R. Bauerle, Mohamed Almarei, Squire J. Booker, Alexey Silakov, Carsten Krebs, Amie K. Boal, 2019, Biochemistry on p. 3169-3184

Hydrogen donation but not abstraction by a tyrosine (Y68) during endoperoxide Installation by verruculogen synthase (FtmOx1)

Noah P. Dunham, José M. Del Río Pantoja, Bo Zhang, Lauren J. Rajakovich, Benjamin D. Allen, Carsten Krebs, Amie K. Boal, J. Martin Bollinger, 2019, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 9964-9979

Most-Cited Papers

Structural basis for methyl transfer by a radical SAM enzyme

Amie K. Boal, Tyler L. Grove, Monica I. McLaughlin, Neela H. Yennawar, Squire J. Booker, Amy C. Rosenzweig, 2011, Science on p. 1089-1092

Drop-on-demand sample delivery for studying biocatalysts in action at X-ray free-electron lasers

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Mechanism of the C5 stereoinversion reaction in the biosynthesis of carbapenem antibiotics

Wei Chen Chang, Yisong Guo, Chen Wang, Susan E. Butch, Amy C. Rosenzweig, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2014, Science on p. 1140-1144

Structural basis for halogenation by iron-and 2-oxo-glutarate-dependent enzyme WelO5

Andrew J. Mitchell, Qin Zhu, Ailiena O. Maggiolo, Nikhil R. Ananth, Matthew L. Hillwig, Xinyu Liu, Amie K. Boal, 2016, Nature Chemical Biology on p. 636-640

Visualizing the reaction cycle in an Iron(II)- and 2-(Oxo)-glutarate-dependent hydroxylase

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Mechanisms of 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenases

J. Martin Bollinger, Wei Chen Chang, Megan L. Matthews, Ryan J. Martinie, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, 2015, on p. 95-122

Two Distinct Mechanisms for C-C Desaturation by Iron(II)- and 2-(Oxo)glutarate-Dependent Oxygenases

Noah P. Dunham, Wei Chen Chang, Andrew J. Mitchell, Ryan J. Martinie, Bo Zhang, Jonathan A. Bergman, Lauren J. Rajakovich, Bo Wang, Alexey Silakov, Carsten Krebs, Amie K. Boal, J. Martin Bollinger, 2018, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 7116-7126

Crystallographic capture of a radical S-adenosylmethionine enzyme in the act of modifying tRNA

Erica L. Schwalm, Tyler L. Grove, Squire J. Booker, Amie K. Boal, 2016, Science on p. 309-312

AgHalo: A facile fluorogenic sensor to detect drug induced proteome stress

Yu Liu, Matthew Fares, Noah P. Dunham, Zi Gao, Kun Miao, Xueyuan Jiang, Samuel S. Bollinger, Amie K. Boal, Xin Zhang, 2017, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition on p. 8672-8676

The cation-Pi interaction enables a halo-tag fluorogenic probe for fast no-wash live cell imaging and gel-free protein quantification

Yu Liu, Kun Miao, Noah P. Dunham, Hongbin Liu, Matthew Fares, Amie K. Boal, Xiaosong Li, Xin Zhang, 2017, Biochemistry on p. 1585-1595