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Victoria Braithwaite

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Brain and behavior responses to stressors during different stages of development. How these promote or inhibit neurogenesis and support increased behavioral resilience

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Most Recent Papers

The impact of flow and physical enrichment on preferences in zebrafish

Oonagh Cairistine Depasquale, Sean Fettrow, Jennifer Sturgill, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2019, Applied Animal Behaviour Science

Brain differences in ecologically differentiated sticklebacks

Jason Keagy, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, Janette W. Boughman, 2018, Current Zoology on p. 243-250

Can personality predict individual differences in brook trout spatial learning ability?

S. L. White, Tyler Wagner, C. Gowan, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2017, Behavioural Processes on p. 220-228

Physical and psychological motivation tests of individual preferences in rainbow trout

C. M. Maia, B. Ferguson, G. L. Volpato, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2017, Journal of Zoology on p. 108-118

Becoming a better swimmer

I. Ahlbeck Bergendahl, S. Miller, Oonagh Cairistine Depasquale, L. Giralico, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2017, Journal of Fish Biology on p. 1112-1117

Assessing fish welfare

Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2017, CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources

Behavioral Evidence of Felt Emotions

Daniel M. Weary, Paula Droege, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2017, Advances in the Study of Behavior on p. 27-48

Behavioral response of brook trout and brown trout to acidification and species interactions

B. A. Fost, C. Paola Ferreri, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2016, Environmental Biology of Fishes on p. 983-998

Stress During Adolescence Shapes Performance in Adulthood

Lauren E. Chaby, Michael John Sheriff, Sonia Angele Cavigelli, Amy M. Hirrlinger, James Lim, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2016, Ethology on p. 284-297

Determining the effects of duration and recency of exposure to environmental enrichment

Ida Ahlbeck Bergendahl, Anne Gro V. Salvanes, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2016, Applied Animal Behaviour Science on p. 163-169

High-Impact Papers

Trophic structure and community stability in an overfished ecosystem

Anne C. Utne-Palm, Anne G.V. Salvanes, Bronwen Currie, Stein Kaartvedt, Goran E. Nilsson, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, Jonathan A.W. Stecyk, Matthias Hundt, Megan Van Der Bank, Bradley Flynn, Guro K. Sandvik, Thor A. Klevjer, Andrew K. Sweetman, Volker Brüchert, Karin Pittman, Kathleen R. Peard, Ida G. Lunde, Ronnaug A.U. Strandaba, Mark J. Gibbons, 2010, Science on p. 333-336

Environmental enrichment promotes neural plasticity and cognitive ability in fish

Anne Gro Vea Salvanes, Olav Moberg, Lars O.E. Ebbesson, Tom Ole Nilsen, Knut Helge Jensen, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2013, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Environmental effects on fish neural plasticity and cognition

L. O.E. Ebbesson, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2012, Journal of Fish Biology on p. 2151-2174

Increased exposure to predators increases both exploration and activity level in Brachyrhaphis episcopi

G. A. Archard, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2011, Journal of Fish Biology on p. 593-601

Correlated behaviour and stress physiology in fish exposed to different levels of predation pressure

Gabrieslle A. Archard, Ryan L. Earley, Amanda F. Hanninen, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2012, Functional Ecology on p. 637-645

Enrichment promotes learning in fish

David A. Strand, Anne C. Utne-Palm, Per J. Jakobsen, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, Knut H. Jensen, Anne G.V. Salvanes, 2010, Marine Ecology Progress Series on p. 273-282

Unpacking the exploration-exploitation tradeoff

Katja Mehlhorn, Ben R. Newell, Peter M. Todd, Michael D. Lee, Kate Morgan, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, Daniel Hausmann, Klaus Fiedler, Cleotilde Gonzalez, 2015, Decision on p. 191-215

Long-term changes in cognitive bias and coping response as a result of chronic unpredictable stress during adolescence

Lauren E. Chaby, Sonia Angele Cavigelli, Amanda White, Kayllie Wang, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2013, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Variation in aggressive behaviour in the poeciliid fish Brachyrhaphis episcopi

Gabrielle A. Archard, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2011, Behavioural Processes on p. 52-57

Quantifying stress responses induced by different handling methods in three species of fish

Nichola M. Brydges, Philip Boulcott, Tim Ellis, Victoria Ann Braithwaite-Read, 2009, Applied Animal Behaviour Science on p. 295-301

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