Margarita Lopez-Uribe

Associate Professor of Entomology

Margarita Lopez-Uribe

Research Summary

How environmental change and human management shape bee health and long-term persistence of their populations in agricultural areas.

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Bees Climate Change Bee Hymenoptera Phylogeny Agriculture Apoidea Pollinating Insects North America Population Climate History Domestication Phenotype Pollinator Health Cucurbita Urbanization Ecosystem Pathogens Honey Crops Apidae Biogeography Feral

Most Recent Publications

L Jones, D Miller, Rudolf J. Schilder, Margarita López-Uribe, 2024, Ecology and Evolution on p. e10945

Ngoc Phan, Neelendra Joshi, E Rajotte, F Zhu, Kari A. Peter, Margarita López-Uribe, David J. Biddinger, 2024, Science of the Total Environment on p. 170048

Isabella Petitta, Margarita López-Uribe, Autumn E. Sabo, 2023, Plant Ecology on p. 1--17

UCE phylogenomics, biogeography, and classification of long-horned bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Eucerini), with insights on using specimens with extremely degraded DNA

Felipe V. Freitas, Michael G. Branstetter, Vinícius H. Franceschini-Santos, Achik Dorchin, Karen W. Wright, Margarita M. López-Uribe, Terry Griswold, Fernando A. Silveira, Eduardo A.B. Almeida, 2023, Insect Systematics and Diversity

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Phylogenomics reveals within species diversification but incongruence with color phenotypes in widespread orchid bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Euglossini)

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Most-Cited Papers

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How well bees tolerate temperature extremes could determine their ability to persist in a changing climate. But heat tolerance varies between and within populations, so a research team led by Penn State entomologists examined bee physical traits — such as sex differences in body mass — to understand how these traits interact with environmental conditions, pathogens and other factors.

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Laura Jones and Caylon Yates, doctoral students in Penn State’s intercollegiate graduate degree program in ecology, were recognized as recipients of 2022-23 Alumni Association Dissertation Awards.