Francisco Diaz

Associate Professor of Reproductive Biology

Francisco Diaz

Research Summary

Ovarian physiology. Role of SMAD-mediated signaling in follicular and female germ cell (oocyte) development.

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Most Recent Papers

Role of Zinc in Female Reproduction

TB Garner, JM Hester, A Carothers, Francisco Diaz, 2021, Biology of Reproduction

Age-related accumulation of de novo mitochondrial mutations in mammalian oocytes and somatic tissues

Barbara Arbeithuber, James Hester, Marzia A. Cremona, Nicholas Stoler, Arslan Zaidi, Bonnie Higgins, Kate Anthony, Francesca Chiaromonte, Francisco J. Diaz, Kateryna D. Makova, 2020, PLoS Biology

Deletion of the mouse X-linked Prame gene causes germ cell reduction in spermatogenesis

Chen Lu, Mingyao Yang, Randall M. Rossi, Aihua Wang, Weber B. Feitosa, Francisco J. Diaz, Wan Sheng Liu, 2020, Molecular Reproduction and Development on p. 666-679

Duplex sequencing uncovers age-related increase in the frequency of de novo indels in mouse mitochondrial DNA.

E Torres-Gonzalez, B Arbeithuber, James Hester, M Cremona, N Stoler, B Higgins, K Anthony, F Chiaromonte, Francisco Diaz, K Makova, 2020,

Ovulatory signals alter granulosa cell behavior through YAP1 signaling

Tianyanxin Sun, Francisco J. Diaz, 2019, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

A Multiwell Microfluidic Device for Analyzing and Screening Nonhormonal Contraceptive Agents

Hui Li, Tyler Garner, Francisco Diaz, Pak Kin Wong, 2019, Small

Integrative Genomic Analysis of Ribosomal DNA in the Mouse Oocyte and Early Embryo

Tyler Garner, Francisco Diaz, 2019,

Metformin Alters Granulosa Cell FSH-Responsiveness in Preovulatory and Prehierarchal Follicles in Broiler Breeder Hens.

Evelyn Weaver, A Johnson, Francisco Diaz, R Ramachandran, 2019,

Cross-species transcriptome analysis of oocyte maturation.

Tyler Garner, Francisco Diaz, 2019,

Deletion of the Mouse X-Linked Prame Gene Causes Germ Cell Reduction During the First Wave of Spermatogenesis.

W Liu, C Lu, R Rossi, A Wang, M Yang, Francisco Diaz, 2018,

Most-Cited Papers

Acute dietary zinc deficiency before conception compromises oocyte epigenetic programming and disrupts embryonic development

X. Tian, F. J. Diaz, 2013, Developmental Biology on p. 51-61

Zinc depletion causes multiple defects in ovarian function during the periovulatory period in mice

X. Tian, Francisco J. Diaz, 2012, Endocrinology on p. 873-886

Preconception zinc deficiency disrupts postimplantation fetal and placental development in mice

Xi Tian, Kate Anthony, Thomas Neuberger, Francisco J. Diaz, 2014, Biology of Reproduction on p. 1-12

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, estradiol, and inhibin regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone surges

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Oocyte-cumulus cell interactions regulate free intracellular zinc in mouse oocytes

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Lats1 deletion causes increased germ cell apoptosis and follicular cysts in mouse ovaries

Tianyanxin Sun, Melissa E. Pepling, Francisco J. Diaz, 2015, Biology of Reproduction

Early avian follicular development is characterized by changes in transcripts involved in steroidogenesis, paracrine signaling and transcription

Francisco J. Diaz, Kate Anthony, Ashley N. Halfhill, 2011, Molecular Reproduction and Development on p. 212-223

Effect of decreasing intraluteal progesterone on sensitivity of the early porcine corpus luteum to the luteolytic actions of prostaglandin f2alpha

Francisco J. Diaz, Wenxiang Luo, Milo C. Wiltbank, 2011, Biology of Reproduction on p. 26-33

Prostaglandin F2α Regulation of mRNA for activating protein 1 transcriptional factors in porcine corpora lutea (CL): Lack of induction of JUN and JUND in CL without luteolytic capacity

F. J. Diaz, W. Luo, M. C. Wiltbank, 2013, Domestic Animal Endocrinology on p. 98-108

Induction of mRNA for chemokines and chemokine receptors by prostaglandin F<sub>2α</sub> is dependent upon stage of the porcine corpus luteum and intraluteal progesterone

Wenxiang Luo, Francisco J. Diaz, Milo C. Wiltbank, 2011, Endocrinology on p. 2797-2805