Cristina Rosa

Associate Professor of Plant Pathology & Environmental Microbiology

Cristina Rosa

Research Summary

Plant Virology, interaction of plant viruses with their insects as vectors and with their plant hosts. Virus evolution, exploration of plant viromes, viral co-infections, effect of climate change on viral resistant breaking strains. Use of nanotechnologies for virus detection and virus disease management.

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Bacteria Insects Digestive System Larva Microorganisms Herbivory Herbivores Nitrogen Genes Insecta Catechol Oxidase Lycopersicon Esculentum Tomatoes Secretion Larvae Thysanoptera Cerambycidae Thripidae Neohydatothrips Variabilis Zea Mays Gene Expression Insect Larvae Mouth Diet Urea

Most Recent Publications

A cyber-age approach to manage <i>Barley yellow dwarf virus</i> in winter wheat on a global scale

Joseph Walls III, Cristina Rosa, 2014 ESA Annual Meeting, Entomological Society of America

Effective plant virus enrichment using carbon nanotubes and microfluidics

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Md Tariqul Islam, Madeline Sain, Colin Stark, Michael Fefer, Jun Liu, Todd Hoare, Wenzi Ckurshumova, Cristina Rosa, 2023, Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences on p. 2675-2686

Maize near-isogenic lines with enhanced flavonoids alleviated dextran sodium sulfate-induced murine colitis via modulation of the gut microbiota

Binning Wu, Abigail D. Cox, Haotian Chang, Mary J. Kennett, Cristina Rosa, Surinder Chopra, Shiyu Li, Lavanya Reddivari, 2023, Food and Function on p. 9606-9616

Asifa Hameed, Cristina Rosa, Cheryle A. O’Donnell, Edwin G. Rajotte, 2023, Viruses

Kaixi Zhao, Md Islam, Nathan Johnson, M Axtell, Cristina Rosa, 2023, bioRxiv on p. 2023-08

Photosensitizer to the Rescue: In Planta and Field Application of Photodynamic Inactivation Against Plant-Pathogenic Bacteria

Md Islam, Kenneth Ng, Michael Fefer, Jun Liu, W Uddin, Wenzi Ckurshumova, Cristina Rosa, 2023, Plant Disease on p. 870--878

Asifa Hameed, Jonah M. Ulmer, Istvan Miko, Cristina Rosa, Edwin G. Rajotte, 2022, Insects

Most-Cited Papers

RNA interference mechanisms and applications in plant pathology

Cristina Rosa, Yen Wen Kuo, Hada Wuriyanghan, Bryce W. Falk, 2018, Annual Review of Phytopathology on p. 581-610

Tritrophic Interactions: Microbe-Mediated Plant Effects on Insect Herbivores

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