The complex and reproducible nature of plant development

August 29, 2022 @ 12:10 pm to 01:10 pm

Aman Husbands, University of Pennsylvania

108 Wartik
University Park

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Aman got his Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto where he learned to love plant biology from Nancy Dengler. He then pursued a PhD in Patricia Springer’s lab at the University of California – Riverside where he showed the LOB DOMAIN (LBD) genes constitute a new class of plant-specific transcription factors which regulate numerous developmental processes including brassinosteroid signaling, adaxial-abaxial polarity, and lateral root production. After receiving his PhD, Aman joined Marja Timmermans lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in NY, who has since moved to the University of Tuebingen in Germany. There he studied the molecular mechanisms that polarize the adaxial-abaxial (or dorsoventral) axis, which drives the production of flat leaf architecture. In January of 2018, Aman started his own lab at Ohio State in the Molecular Genetics department. His lab recently moved to the University of Pennsylvania, joining the Dept of Biology in Jan of 2022. His lab is interested in the mechanisms that govern complexity and reproducibility, two outcomes which seem in tension yet are both defining features of development.


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