The Millennium Cafe

Brian Bersch and Lavish Pabbi, Penn State

January 29, 2019 @ 10:00 am to 11:00 am

3rd Floor Commons at The Millennium Science Complex
University Park

“2D-Legoland: Constructing a New Class of Materials”

Brian Bersch | Robinson Group

Graphene substrates provide researchers with a unique and robust platform for the synthesis of new materials (i.e. 2D-metals) and heterostructures by allowing the growth of films both above and below the graphene surface, often with novel structures and properties. Depending on the elements and stacking used, these hybrid-graphene structures have applications in semiconductor electronics, superconductivity, quantum well systems, non-linear optics, and biosensing.

“An Active Noise Cancellation System for Vibration Sensitive Microscopy”

Lavish Pabbi | Hudson Lab

Given the sensitive nature of scanning probe microscopes (SPM) they cannot be used in noisy environments. I will briefly describe an active cancellation process that nullifies the appearance of vibrational noise by adding a drive signal into the existing Z-feedback loop of the SPM. This inexpensive and easy solution requires no major instrumental modifications and is ideal for those looking to use a microscope in noisier environments, e.g. coupled to active cooling systems or for use in the field. This general approach can be employed to eliminate the various types of noise which compromise sensitive measurement techniques. We invite ideas and suggestions to expand the application of this approach to other techniques which might benefit from active noise cancellation.

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