Millennium Science Cafe: Brian Foley/Graduate String Quintet

November 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Third Floor Commons, Millennium Science Complex
University Park

Thermal Devices & Circuits:  A New Frontier in Thermal Science”

Brian Foley |  Mechanical Engineering

The development of thermal analogues to electrical devices (diodes, transistors, etc) and the potential of integrated thermal systems is the next frontier in nano/micro scale thermal transport.  This exciting new area of research represents uncharted territory for the thermal sciences community where until now, the primary objectives for controlling the flow of heat have been focused on fixing the properties of a material or interface to (a) be as conductive or resistive as possible and (b) maintain these properties both over time and under a variety of environmental conditions.  My presentation will encompass a survey of the existing research on thermal diodes and transistors to date, as well as a perspective on future material/device architectures and other electrical-analogs including detectors and interconnects. 

“Mozart:  The Operatic and the Sprightly”

Graduate String Quintet  |  School of Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music has spanned generations and still permeates society today.  While most people are familiar with the stately elegance of his music, fewer understand just how many distinct styles Mozart could convey.  Today we will perform a slow movement (Andante) and a fast movement (Allegro) from his C major string quintet, K. 515 composed in 1787. Mozart’s lyrical gift, heard most often in his operas, is heard also in the slow movement of this quintet.  His ability to conjure drama through melody and harmony is apparent in the tender duet shared between the violin and the viola. In the fast movement, Mozart’s brilliance and sparkle conveys a sense of perpetual energy, culminating in a dramatic unison ending fit for royalty.