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Instrumentation Facilities

Instrumentation Facilities

Shared technology facilities supported by the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

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Facilities at University Park
Automated Biological Calorimetry Facility
Providing high-throughput thermodynamic analysis of biological macromolecule binding and folding to University and outside researchers
Genomics Core Facility
Providing next-generation sequencing and a number of traditional genomic services to the Penn State community as well as those outside the University
High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility
Providing in vivo imaging and magnetic resonance microscopy services via custom-designed experiments
Metabolomics Core Facility
Conducting mass spectrometry-based metabolomics studies on a variety of biofluids and tissue extracts from plant and animal sources
Microscopy and Cytometry Facility
Providing services in all aspects of optical and electron microscopy, histology, flow cytometry, and cell sorting
Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
Offering nominal and accurate MS analysis, and providing identification and quantitation of metabolites by LC-MS or GC-MS, and protein sample preparation and subsequent identification by LC-ESI-MS
Shared Fermentation Facility
Facilitating bioprocessing services by providing equipment and expertise to university-affiliated and independent researchers
Transgenic Mouse Facility
Producing transgenic and gene-targeted (knockout) mice for the Penn State research community
X-Ray Crystallography Facility
Providing training, assistance and expertise in crystallizing and determining the three-dimensional structures of proteins and other biological macromolecules
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