December 2020

Andrew's Angle

This time a year ago, a COVID patient had been hospitalized for the first time. No one had yet died. Blissfully unaware of what was to come, I was taking end-of-year pictures of the whiteboards in my office. They were covered in Huck’s ambitious plans for 2020. None of those plans came to fruition...


2020: What (in the Huck) Happened?

Sometimes comedy is the best medicine. In this special subscribers-only, video spoof edition of The Symbiotic Podcast, host Cole suffers a nervous breakdown, designer Brennan gets a migraine, and editor Dan spaces out…again. To top it all off, the entire Huck leadership crew breaks out in a funky Zoom sweat to mark the imminent end of a year like no other. (And oh yeah, we tell you what we did in 2020!) View the hilarity here.  

Ask CIDD Video explains: "Are the new vaccines safe?"

After a brief hiatus from answering public questions about the pandemic, the AskCIDD crew returns with this new video from Nita Bharti, breaking down some essential facts about the safety of the first two COVID-19 vaccines to be administered in the United States.

10x Genomics Upgrade

The Genomics Core Facility at University Park has acquired the 10x Genomics Chromium. Utilizing the Chromium platform, Penn State researchers can now perform single-cell gene expression experiments. The core facility staff has been trained on the instrument and is ready to accept customer samples.

Showing Us the Money

Congratulations to Huck Financial Assistant Kelly Foster, winner of November’s Kudos award! As if 2020 wasn’t tough enough, Kelly had to help the entire Huck community adapt to the university’s new SIMBA financial system. (Oh upgrades, have you no mercy?) Somehow Kelly pulled it all off with grace and aplomb. We stand amazed.
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