Program Leadership

James Broach

Distinguished Professor and Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Vasant Honavar

Professor and Edward Frymoyer Chair of Information Sciences and Technology

Runze Li

Co-Director of the Center for Statistical Genetics; Eberly Family Chair and Associate Department Head in Statistics


Penn State Faculty (Huck Institutes)

Reka Albert

Distinguished Professor of Physics and Biology

Naomi Altman

Professor Emeritus of Statistics

James Broach

Distinguished Professor and Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Orfeu Buxton

Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Ethan Xingyuang Fang

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Santhosh Girirajan

Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Associate Professor of Anthropology

Molly Hall

Dr. Frances Keesler Graham Early Career Professor; Assistant Professor of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Vasant Honavar

Professor and Edward Frymoyer Chair of Information Sciences and Technology

Helen Kamens

Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Daniel Kifer

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

Runze Li

Co-Director of the Center for Statistical Genetics; Eberly Family Chair and Associate Department Head in Statistics

Dajiang Liu

Associate Professor of Public Health Science

Matthew Reimherr

Associate Professor of Statistics

David Vandenbergh

Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Xiang Zhang

Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

Penn State Faculty (Non-Huck-Affiliated)

Chuang, Cynthia, MD, MSc, Associate Professor, Medicine and Public Health Sciences.  EHR: General internist and primary care provider with interest in unintended pregnancy and contraceptive decision–making in adult women. Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health and Community Engagement and Research.  

Collins, Linda, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Human Development and Family Studies.  Contextual: Experimental and non-experimental design, particularly for building, optimizing and evaluating behavioral interventions, Models for longitudinal data, particularly latent transition analysis, and other latent class models, Optimization of behavioral interventions.

Crowley, Daniel Max, PhD, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family. Medical Economics: Allocating scarce resources to meet the needs of children and prevent future burden on health systems. Analytic strategies for evaluating the economic and fiscal impact of health interventions.  

Fishbein, Diana, PhD, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Director, Prevention Research Center. Contextual: Transdisciplinary methods and developmental approaches to understanding interactions between neurobiological processes and environmental factors. 

Giles, Lee, PhD, David Reese Professor and Interim Associate Dean of Research; Director of the Intelligent Information Systems Research Laboratory, Information Sciences and Technology. Analytics: Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Network Analytics, Text Analytics, Applied Machine Learning.

Greenberg, Mark, PhD, Professor; Edna Peterson Bennett Endowed Chair in Prevention Science, Human Development and Family Studies (Prevention Research Center). Contextual: Founding Director of The Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development with research interests include intervening in the developmental processes in risk and non-risk populations with a specific emphasis on aggression, violence, and externalizing disorders.

Slavković, Aleksandra, PhD, Professor of Statistics and Public Health Sciences. Privacy: Statistical disclosure limitation, algebraic statistics, characterization of discrete distributions, application of statistics to social sciences. 

Sliwinski, Martin, PhD, Professor; Human Development and Family Studies; Director of the Center for Healthy Aging, (Prevention Research Center). Contextual: The role of aging, health and disease in memory, reasoning and concentration. Linking micro-level processes (e.g., daily stress, affect, rumination) to long-term changes in mental, physical and cognitive health.

Smith, Adam, PhD, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Privacy: Cryptography, Database Privacy, Information Theory, Quantum Computing.  

Yen, John, PhD, Professor; Director of Strategic Research Initiatives, Information Sciences and Technology. Analytics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Health Informatics, Cognition and Neuroinformatics, Cyber Security. Cancer Informatics Initiative1. Extracting "smartness" from large heterogeneous data sets about human behaviors (including interactions through social media).

Geisinger Health Faculty

Carey, David, PhD, Associate Chief Research Officer; Director of Weis Center for Research; Senior Scientist, Geisinger Health System. EHR/Human Genomics: Studies linking the Geisinger MyCode Project biorepository to Geisinger’s electronic medical record database for genetic Association or phenome wide Association studies. Algorithms for phenotyping using health record data are developed and validated, creating a versatile pipeline for genomic discovery.

Fornwalt, Brandon, MD, PhD, Associate Professor; Investigator II, Geisinger Health System. EHR/Imaging: Cardiovascular imaging to improve clinical practice with a primary focus on acquired and congenital pediatric heart disease.

Ledbetter, David, PhD, Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, Geisinger. EHR/Genomics: Human and medical genetics, with specialty in clinical cytogenetics and genetic testing. Development and application of new genomic technologies to discover the etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, intellectual disability and schizophrenia.

Moore, Gregory, MD, PhD, Chief Emerging Technology and Informatics Officer; Director, Geisinger’s Institute for Advanced Application (IAA). Vice Chair, Medical Director, Geisinger Research and Informatics, System Radiology Diagnostics (Institute for Advanced Application Diagnostic Neuroradiology).  EHR/Imaging: Clinical expert in pediatric neuroradiology, areas of advanced imaging, clinical informatics, technology and health policy. 

Pendergrass, Sarah, PhD, Biomedical and Translational Informatics Program, Geisinger Health System. EHR/Genomics: Novel computational and data visualization approaches for data analysis and display of large high-throughput datasets. Characterization of the relationship between genetic variation, phenotypic outcome, and common complex disease, within the framework of ancestry and environment, including Phenome-Wide Association Study (PheWAS) projects.  

Williams, Marc, MD, MSc, Director, Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute. Genomics/EHR: The impact of implementing genetics, genomics and family history in routine clinical care through technology assessment, modeling and decision analysis, the science of behavioral change, quality improvement, knowledge management, informatics, health care economics and patient-centered outcomes, i.e., implementation science.