Xin Zhang

Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Paul Berg Early Career Professorship in the Eberly College of Science

Xin Zhang

Research Summary

Developing chemical tools to monitor cellular stresses that influence protein folding in real time. Deciphering how the energy landscapes associated with proper protein folding and function are regulated by the cellular folding environment. Examining how this regulation leads to significant biological consequences.

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Most Recent Papers

N-terminal Domain of TDP43 Enhances Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Globular Proteins

G. Campbell Carter, Chia Heng Hsiung, Leman Simpson, Haopeng Yang, Xin Zhang, 2021, Journal of Molecular Biology

A General Strategy to Control Viscosity Sensitivity of Molecular Rotor-Based Fluorophores

Songtao Ye, Han Zhang, Jinyu Fei, Charles H. Wolstenholme, Xin Zhang, 2021, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition on p. 1339-1346

When aggregation-induced emission meets protein aggregates

S. Tang, S. Ye, Xin Zhang, 2021, Nat. Sci. Rev.

AggFluor: Fluorogenic Toolbox Enables Direct Visualization of the Multi-Step Protein Aggregation Process in Live Cells

Charles H. Wolstenholme, Hang Hu, Songtao Ye, Brian E. Funk, Divya Jain, Chia Heng Hsiung, Gang Ning, Yu Liu, Xiaosong Li, Xin Zhang, 2020, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 17515-17523

Visualizing and Manipulating Biological Processes by Using HaloTag and SNAP-Tag Technologies

Conner A. Hoelzel, Xin Zhang, 2020, ChemBioChem on p. 1935-1946

A General Strategy to Enhance Donor-Acceptor Molecules Using Solvent-Excluding Substituents

Conner A. Hoelzel, Hang Hu, Charles H. Wolstenholme, Basel A. Karim, Kyle T. Munson, Kwan Ho Jung, Han Zhang, Yu Liu, Hemant P. Yennawar, John B. Asbury, Xiaosong Li, Xin Zhang, 2020, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition on p. 4785-4792

Visualizing and Modulating Biological Processes Using Self-Labeling Protein Tags

Conner Hoelzel, Xin Zhang, 2020, CHEMBIOCHEM on p. 1935-1946

Fluorogenic detection of protein aggregates in live cells using the AggTag method

Kwan Ho Jung, Xin Zhang, 2020, on p. 1-22

Super-resolution optical lithography with DNA

Shi Ho Kim, Yu Liu, Conner Hoelzel, Xin Zhang, Tae Hee Lee, 2019, Nano Letters on p. 6035-6042

A Fluorogenic AggTag Method Based on Halo- and SNAP-Tags to Simultaneously Detect Aggregation of Two Proteins in Live Cells

Kwan Ho Jung, Sojung F. Kim, Yu Liu, Xin Zhang, 2019, ChemBioChem on p. 1078-1087

Most-Cited Papers

Signal recognition particle

David Akopian, Kuang Shen, Xin Zhang, Shu Ou Shan, 2013, Annual Review of Biochemistry on p. 693-721

Mechanisms of transthyretin inhibition of β-amyloid aggregation in vitro

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Apoferritin-CeO <sub>2</sub> nano-truffle that has excellent artificial redox enzyme activity

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Modulation of fluorescent protein chromophores to detect protein aggregation with turn-on fluorescence

Yu Liu, Charles H. Wolstenholme, Gregory C. Carter, Hongbin Liu, Hang Hu, Leeann S. Grainger, Kun Miao, Matthew Fares, Conner A. Hoelzel, Hemant P. Yennawar, Gang Ning, Manyu Du, Lu Bai, Xiaosong Li, Xin Zhang, 2018, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 7381-7384

Carbon nitride nanothread crystals derived from pyridine

Xiang Li, Tao Wang, Pu Duan, Maria Baldini, Haw Tyng Huang, Bo Chen, Stephen J. Juhl, Daniel Koeplinger, Vincent H. Crespi, Klaus Schmidt-Rohr, Roald Hoffmann, Nasim Alem, Malcolm Guthrie, Xin Zhang, John V. Badding, 2018, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 4969-4972

Molecular dynamics simulation reveals preorganization of the chloroplast FtsY towards complex formation induced by GTP binding

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Fidelity of cotranslational protein targeting by the signal recognition particle

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AgHalo: A facile fluorogenic sensor to detect drug induced proteome stress

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The cation-Pi interaction enables a halo-tag fluorogenic probe for fast no-wash live cell imaging and gel-free protein quantification

Yu Liu, Kun Miao, Noah P. Dunham, Hongbin Liu, Matthew Fares, Amie K. Boal, Xiaosong Li, Xin Zhang, 2017, Biochemistry on p. 1585-1595

Individual and collective contributions of chaperoning and degradation to protein homeostasis in E. coli

Younhee Cho, Xin Zhang, Kristine Faye R. Pobre, Yu Liu, David L. Powers, Jeffery W. Kelly, Lila M. Gierasch, Evan T. Powers, 2015, Cell Reports on p. 321-333