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Mind Body Interaction During Diet and Exercise: How the Body Speaks to the Brain Impacting Brain Health and Cognition

Fernando Gómez-Pinilla (University of California Los Angeles)

When: Friday, December 8, 2017 - 11:15am - 12:30 pm
Where: 127 Noll Laboratory
Name: Gustavo Nader
Phone: 814-867-6153

Friday 8 December

 "Mind Body Interaction During Diet and Exercise: How the Body Speaks to the Brain Impacting Brain Health and Cognition,”  Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, Ph.D., Professor, Depts. of Neurosurgery, and Integrative Biology and Physiology, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA,, 11:15 am to 12:05 pm, 127 Noll Laboratory, host: Department of Kinesiology (865-7575). For more information or to meet with Dr. Gómez-Pinilla, please contact Dr. Gustavo Nader (

Abstract:Exercise and diet are part of the most crucial needs for species survival and adaptation, and for maintaining overall health of individuals. New research about the actions of diet and exercise on brain function engaging peripheral mediators reveals fundamental information how body modulates brain function.   I will discuss how energy balance, and gut physiology, immune system, help resist insults and maintain cognitive abilities throughout lifespan. Peripheral homeostatic signals elicited by diet and exercise direct brain gene regulatory mechanisms protecting against neurological and psychiatric disorders. I will also discuss new studies using a systems nutrigenomics approach to determine transcriptomic and epigenomic alterations in the hypothalamus (control of metabolism) and hippocampus (critical for cognitive functions), affecting inflammation, immune response, neuronal signaling, and cognition. These molecular alterations in rodents converge with genes conferring genetic risks of metabolic and neuropsychiatric disorders in human genome-wide association studies. These studies are significant on the context of the health risk posed by the contemporary elevated fructose consumption on the current epidemic of metabolic and brain disorders.