September 2020

Andrew's Angle

Just a brief comment this month. It’s really a plea for these trying times. For the foreseeable, no magic solution will melt COVID away, least of all in Centre County. So, our university and community leaders at every level are being forced to make choices where none of the options are what we would like. That’s true for each and every one of us too: we are all engaged in a search for least-bad options.


Evolving Through Our Meta-Crisis (Part 2)

Our latest episode of The Symbiotic Podcast features the second half of our June 8,2020 conversation with Riane Eisler and David Loye. These two veteran systems scientists have collaborated for more than 40 years as both researchers and marriage partners, and offer a uniquely expansive and integrative framework through which to view biocultural evolution – and our current state of “meta-crisis.”

In this wrap-up, we explore both the regressive forces of domination systems and the evolutionary promise of partnership systems to move society towards greater peace, health, equality and stability.

View a 2-minute teaser here.  

A Greener Future

Our newest research unit, the Center for Biorenewables, builds off the work of the former Biomass Energy Center to create a greener future through innovation and education.

The leaders of the center are Co-Directors Charles Anderson and Daniel Ciolkosz.

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