August 2020
Andrew Read

Andrew's Angle

The vastness of the cosmos is humbling. But Google the molecular structure of the tiny and rather beautiful SARS-2 spike protein. Even if you’ve never had COVID-19, that protein is affecting your health and wellbeing and will for some time. A protein that has humbled humanity. As I write, students are returning to University Park from all over PA, the nation and the world. So far, COVID has only lightly touched Centre County, but that’s about to change.


Evolving Through Our Meta-Crisis (Part 1)

Riane Eisler and David Loye are two veteran systems scientists who have collaborated for more than 40 years as both researchers and marriage partners. In this first of a 2-part conversation, they unpack lost insights of Darwin and explore the basics of cultural transformation theory as a tool that could turn the current pandemic into an opportunity for social evolution. View a 2-minute trailer here.  

Bugging Out in a Bigger Way

Our new Insect Biodiversity Center has just launched, under the leadership of Christina Grozinger.

Faculty experts from eight colleges across Penn State will contribute to this dynamic, integrative and multi-faceted effort.

The Roots of the Matter

Our newly founded Center for Root and Rhizosphere Biology, led by Jonathan Lynch, seeks a better understanding of root function and health.

Participating researchers aim to improve food security and reduce environmental pollution.

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