= Cryo-Electron Microscopy and the Resolution Revolution

Massive Breakthroughs at a Miniscule Scale

For our latest installment of The Symbiotic Podcast, we took a break from COVID-19 research to revisit Season 1 and finally release an episode recorded just before the world went into lockdown.

It’s a fascinating conversation about stunning advancements in electron microscopy, featuring an all-female group of three outstanding research scientists who collaborate at the convergence of materials and life sciences in Penn State’s best-in-class Cryo-EM facility.

Guests: Professor Deb Kelly, Huck Chair in Molecular Biophysics and director of the Center for Structural Oncology; Jenn Gray, assistant research professor and staff scientist, Transmission Electron Microscopy; and Cameron Varano, assistant research professor, Center for Structural Oncology.

Audio, video and full transcript of the episode available here.

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