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Share Your Achievement and Needs

Please let us know of any papers, funding, hiring needs, and activities so we can share your announcements in Center emails. We appreciate your help capturing these successes as it helps demonstrate the value of the Microbiome Center to our research programs.

Request a Letter of Support

The Microbiome Center at Penn State is committed to collaborating with partners and assisting members’ applications for funding and awards. 

Submit your request by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Primary contact and affiliation
  • Grant/award organization, web address, and summary
  • Draft of the letter 
  • Curriculum Vitae or Biosketch
  • An executive summary or abstract of the application
  • The date by which you require the letter

Add the Microbiome Center Affiliation to Your Signatures, Papers, and Presentations

The Penn State Microbiome Center is a community of scholars and students who coordinate and accelerate interdisciplinary discovery and applications to establish long-lasting resources. Please consider adding “The Microbiome Center, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Pennsylvania State University” as one of your official affiliations on your published works and digital signatures on communications and presentations. It is a simple and effective way to bring more attention to the positive outcomes that are happening among our community.

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