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Recruiting new graduate Microbiome Center cohort researching microbiomes in all contexts!

The Penn State Microbiome Center is recruiting Ph.D. and M.S. fellows to start in Fall 2023, focused on microbiome research across the university. Through activities associated with the Microbiome Center, graduate students will engage in interdisciplinary research discussions and trainings and have an opportunity to obtain a first-in-kind Dual-Title Degree in the Microbiome Sciences (check with specific graduate programs for availability). The goal of the trainings will be to increase technical skills in microbiome research and professional development to spur students to create the graduate programs and careers they desire.

For additional information contact the faculty listed with the positions below or the Director of the Microbiome Center.

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The prospective Ph.D. student will study the molecular mechanism of plant-pathogen interactions and/or CRISPR/Cas technologies for genome editing, precision breeding and/or disease diagnostics. The student will have opportunities to develop new CRISPR/Cas tools and methods for improving precise genome editing in plants or microbes, generating and evaluating gene-edited crops, and/or enabling supersensitive detection of plant pathogens. Ph.D. applicants must have a B.S. or M.S. degree in biology, plant science or related fields and are expected to have a good background in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and/or biotechnology.

Dr. Yinong Yang

The Davenport Lab is seeking Ph.D. students to start in the 2023 academic year interested in investigating the relationship between humans and our microbiomes using a genomic perspective. Projects available include both evolutionary and medical questions. Our lab uses a mix of wet-lab and computational techniques. Please see the research and openings descriptions on the lab website or contact Emily for more information.

Emily Davenport