Students at a lecture

Courses and credits required for completion of the Physiological Adaptations to Stress Training Program

Required Coursework

  • PHSIO 571 (Mammalian Physiology; 3 credits)
  • Statistics (minimum 3 credits at the 500 level; STAT 501 and 502 recommended)
  • PHSIO 510 (Physiological Adaptations to Stress; Capstone/Core Course; 3 credits)
  • BA 502/Team Process (1 credit; 5 week course)
  • Business of Science Boot Camp (1 week; May of each year)
  • PHSIO 590 (Colloquium; 1 credit)

Recommended Coursework

  • IBIOS 551/Bioinformatics and Genomics (3 credits)
  • KINES 590B/Noll Seminar (1 credit)
  • NUTR/PHSIO 508 Critical Readings in Molecular Nutrition
  • Office of Technologies Management Summer Fellows Program

Required Program Activities

  • Training Program Journal Club
  • Semester Student Meetings (also used for Responsible Conduct of Research, Diversity and Disability refresher events)
  • Yearly Individual Development Plan (IDP) development and participation
  • Annual Program Retreat and Review