Millennium Cafe

Graduate Brass Quintet and Igor Aronson, Penn State

March 21, 2017 @ 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Brass Quintet and the Jazz Idiom Graduate Brass Quintet | School of Music _ One of the most modern of traditional ensembles, the brass quintet has shared a close relationship with jazz._ We will be performing two standard jazz brass quintets and discussing how the popularity of jazz helped bridge the gap between the jazz and classical genres of music. _ Materials that Live Igor Aronson | Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics _ In my talk,_ I describe our recent research on Living Liquid Crystals._ Liquid crystals, blurring_ the line between liquids and solids,_ exhibit great diversity in electrical and optical properties that make them invaluable materials for a wide range of applications, from_ displays to_ optical filters and lasers._ Living liquid crystals are a new class of_materials that combine living motile bacteria and water-based nontoxic liquid crystals to create optical and mechanical properties not present in their inanimate counterparts. A new computational model and a set of experiments show how defects in the liquid crystal can concentrate or deplete the bacteria, suggesting a novel method for manipulating microbial populations. _ The Millennium Cafe is held every Tuesday @ 10:00 in the 3rd floor Cafe Commons of the Millennium Science Complex._ Stop by for freshly brewed science & coffee. _