Viscotek 802 Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument

A state-of-the-art dynamic light scattering instrument matched with powerful but user friendly OmniSIZE software to give the most sensitive and accurate hydrodynamic radius

Viscotek 802 Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument


  • Hydrodynamic Radius (Rh)
  • Intensity, Mass and Number distributions
  • Aggregation
  • Molecular weight
  • A2 - Second Virial Coefficient


  • Size range 0.5 nm to 1 micrometer hydrodynamic radius
  • 14 micro liter quartz sample cell
  • Minimum sample concentration 0.3 mg/ml Lysozyme
  • Data acquisition 2 minutes
  • 60mW power class 3B laser
  • 830nm Wavelength
  • Safety feature switches laser off while cell holder is open
  • Temperature range 4C to 60C
  • Dry gas line for removing condensation at temperatures below ambient
  • Robust and easy to use Omnisize software
  • Graphs and tables exported to excel