Millipore Direct Detect Biomolecular Quantitation System

The Millipore Direct Detect is the first infrared (IR)-based biomolecular quantitation system and provides more accurate results without the pitfalls of colorimetric assays.

Direct Detect Spectrometer


  • Distinguishing proteins and peptides from interfering sample components
  • Measuring amide bond absorbance for higher reproducibility across all proteins and peptides
  • Detection of biomolecules including nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates
  • Quantification of long aliphatic chains in lipids and detergents


  • Samples are introduced using the assay-free sample card
  • Each card contains 4 polymer membrane sample positions
  • Time: 2 minutes per card
  • Sample volume: 2 microliters
  • Range: Protein 0.25–5.0 mg/ml; Lipid 0.1–10 mg/ml