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Yingwei Mao receives two major grants

The American Heart Association and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation have each awarded Dr. Mao with a grant intended to provide support for promising beginning scientists.

The American Heart Association's Scientist Development Grant provides support for highly promising beginning scientists in their progress toward independence by encouraging and adequately funding research projects that can bridge the gap between completion of research training and readiness for successful competition as an independent investigator.

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation's NARSAD Young Investigator Grant provides support for the most promising young scientists conducting neurobiological research. NARSAD Grants are among the most competitive in biomedical research because of the great ability and career success of the applicants. The grants are helpful in funding innovative research, research that would otherwise not get funded.

About Dr. Mao

Yingwei Mao is an assistant professor of biology at Penn State, a faculty member of the Huck Institutes' graduate programs in cell and developmental biology, genetics, molecular medicine, and neuroscience, and a researcher in the Center for Cellular Dynamics and the Center for Molecular Investigation of Neurological Disorders.

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