The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Center for Molecular Investigation of Neurological Disorders Labs

Research laboratories that are part of the Center for Molecular Investigation of Neurological Disorders

Alloway lab

I use neuroanatomical, neurophysiological, and optogenetic techniques to elucidate the neural basis of sensorimotor integration

Cavener lab

Regulation of CNS functions through control of protein synthesis and translation initiation

Chen lab

Mechanism of learning and memory, synapse formation and synaptic plasticity

Drew Lab

Development and control of the infrastructure of the brain

Girirajan lab

Genetic basis of complex neurodevelopmental disorders

Jegla lab

Ion Channels and Nervous System Excitabilit

Liu lab

Roles of Hedgehog signaling and the primary cilium in mammalian neural development

Luscher lab

Mechanisms of GABAergic synaptic transmission and their dysfunction in neuropsychiatric disorders

Mao lab

Neurogenesis and molecular mechanism for psychiatric diseases

Ordway lab

Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission

Rolls lab

Basic cell biology of neurons and neuronal responses to injury

Selleck lab

Growth factor signaling and its role in development and function of the nervous system

Szpara Lab

Neurovirology, genomics of pathogen variation, neuron-virus relationships

Zhang Lab

Our research focuses on investigating the normal brain function and pathoneurophysiology of brain disorders using neuroimaging, behavioral, and genetic method