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Ying Gu's lab studies cellulose biosynthesis and regulation in model plant Arabidopsis.
Live imaging of cellulose biosynthesis

Live imaging of cellulose biosynthesis

Research in my lab is focused on dissecting the molecular mechanism by which plant cells make cellulose. The lab is part of the “Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation”, an Energy Frontier Research Center ( led by Penn State and including NC State and VPI. Together with biochemical, genetics, and cutting-edge live cell imaging approaches, we will pursue the following objectives aimed to unravel the mystery of cellulose biosynthesis in plants: 1) Identification and characterization of novel components in CSCs. 2) Investigate interactions between minimal components in CSCs. 3) Advance our understanding in assembly, delivery, and regulation of CSCs. Together, these studies will substantially increase our knowledge of how plant cells make cellulose and provide unprecedented perspective that aids to increase the efficiency of biomass-based energy production.


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