The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Center for Cellular Dynamics Labs

Research laboratories that are part of the Center for Cellular Dynamics
  • Anderson lab

    Anderson lab

    Charlie Anderson's lab studies the synthesis, modification, and degradation of plant cell walls.


  • Bai lab

    Bai lab

    Lu Bai's lab studies chromatin and gene regulation at the single-cell and single-molecule level.


  • Cavener lab

    Cavener lab

    Doug Cavener's lab studies metabolism, endoplasmic reticulum function and diabetes using mouse models.


  • Chen lab

    Chen lab

    The focus of research in Gong Chen's lab is neuronal polarity and synapse formation. The lab is also interested in endocytic pathways in neurons and glia.


  • Cyr lab

    Cyr lab

    Richard Cyr's lab studies microtubule organization and dynamics in growing and developing plant cells.


  • Gu lab

    Gu lab

    Ying Gu's lab studies cellulose biosynthesis and regulation in model plant Arabidopsis.


  • Hancock lab

    Hancock lab

    Will Hancock's lab studies the biomechanics of kinesin molecular motors.


  • Hanna-Rose lab

    Hanna-Rose lab

    Wendy Hanna-Rose's lab uses C. elegans as a model to study the cell biology of development.


  • Jegla lab

    Jegla lab

    Tim Jegla's lab is interested in how potassium channels modulate neuronal excitability.


  • Lai lab

    Lai lab

    In Zhi-Chun Lai's lab we study the control of tissue growth and organ size by the Hippo signaling pathway.


  • Liu lab

    Liu lab

    Aimin Liu's lab studies cilia biogenesis and mouse development.


  • Luscher lab

    Luscher lab

    Bernhard Luscher's lab studies the structure and function of GABAergic inhibitory synapses.


  • Mao lab

    Mao lab

    Yingwei Mao's lab studies mechanisms underlying neurogenesis in development and disease.


  • Mastro lab

    Mastro lab

    Andrea Mastro's lab studies the process by which breast cancer cells colonize bone.


  • Monshausen lab

    Monshausen lab

    Research in Gaby Monshausen's lab focuses on how plants receive and respond to external stimuli.


  • Nader lab

    Nader lab

    The Nader Lab studies skeletal and cardiac muscle size control with a focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating ribosome biogenesis


  • Ordway lab

    Ordway lab

    Rick Ordway's lab investigates molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission.


  • Rolls lab

    Rolls lab

    In Melissa Rolls' lab we study neuronal polarity and neuronal responses to injury.


  • Santy lab

    Santy lab

    Lorraine Santy's lab investigates small GTPase regulation of epithelial cell migration.


  • Thomas lab

    Thomas lab

    Claire Thomas' lab studies the cortical spectrin/F-actin cytoskeleton and its role in the control of cell polarity, adhesion and vesicular trafficking.


  • Yengo lab

    Yengo lab

    Chris Yengo's lab investigates the biochemistry, biophysics and cell biology of myosin motors.