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Center for Cellular Dynamics: about the Center

More information about the Center for Cellular Dynamics

The Center for Cellular Dynamics is a group of Penn State labs whose research is focused on: the cytoskeleton and intracellular transport, cellular changes during development and disease, cell-cell communication and interactions, and live imaging.

Labs and departments

Center for Cellular Dynamics labs have their homes in different departments at Penn State (BiologyBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyChemistry, and Bioengineering).


The Center is co-directed by Melissa Rolls ( and Emily Bell ( Please contact either of them if you have any questions about the Center or its activities!


Members participate in departmental graduate programs, as well as interdisciplinary graduate programs organized through the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences.


We use the Center for Cellular Dynamics to share ideas and expertise, to organize events that stimulate creative thinking, and create a more collaborative and exciting research community.


The center has monthly faculty meetings, as well as mini-meetings organized around a theme open to everyone at Penn State.