The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

People who work in Physiology

Herbert Lipowsky
Professor of Bioengineering

Wansheng Liu
Professor of Genomics

Keefe Manning
Associate Professor, Bioengineering and Surgery

Ronald Markle
Professor of Biology (Physiology)
Director, Premedicine and General Science Majors

Andrea Mastro
Professor of Microbiology and Cell Biology

Gustavo Nader
Assoc. Professor, Kinesiology

Troy Ott
Professor of Reproductive Physiology
Associate Director for Graduate Education

Joy Pate
Professor of Reproductive Physiology
C. Lee Rumberger and Family Chair in Agricultural Sciences
Director, Center for Reproductive Biology and Health

Andrew Patterson
Director/Faculty Oversight, Metabolomics Core Facility (University Park)
Associate Professor of Molecular Toxicology

Robert Paulson
Professor of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

James Pawelczyk
Associate Professor of Physiology and Kinesiology

Gary Perdew
John T. and Paige S. Smith Professor in Agricultural Sciences

Sandeep Prabhu
Professor of Immunology and Molecular Toxicology

David Proctor
Professor of Kinesiology, Physiology, and Medicine

Ramesh Ramachandran
Professor of Molecular Endocrinology

Connie Jo Rogers
Associate Professor and Occupant of the Broadhurst Career Development Professorship for the Study of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

A. Catharine Ross
Professor in Nutritional Science and Occupant of Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair

Jonas Rubenson
Assoc. Professor, Kinesiology

Robert L Sainburg
Professor of Kinesiology
Professor of Neurology
Director of Center for Movement Science and Technology

Rudolf Schilder
Research Associate Professor