The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

People who work in Neuroscience

Xuemei Huang
Professor of Neurology

Vladimir Itskov
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Timothy Jegla
Associate Professor of Biology

Dezhe Jin
Associate Professor of Physics

Helen Marie Kamens
Assistant Professor, Biobehavioral Health

Laura Klein
Professor of Biobehavioral Health

Reuben Kraft
Shuman Assistant Prof. of Mechanical Engineering

Zhi-Chun Lai
Professor of Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Chair, Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Cell and Developmental Biology

Robert Levenson
Professor of Pharmacology

Ping Li
Professor of Psychology/Linguistics/Information Sciences
Co-Director, the Center for Brain, Behavior and Cognition

Aimin Liu
Associate Professor of Biology

Lyle N Long
Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Bioengineering, and Mathematics
Director, Graduate Minor Program in Computational Science

Bernhard Luscher
Professor of Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Psychiatry
Director, Center for Molecular Investigation of Neurological Disorders (CMIND)

Richard Mailman
Professor and College of Medicine Distinguished Senior Scholar

Yingwei Mao
Assistant Professor of Biology

Patricia McLaughlin
Professor of Neural and Behavioral Sciences
Director, Graduate Program in Anatomy

Kristina Neely
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Richard Ordway
Professor of Molecular Neuroscience and Genetics

Ann Ouyang
Professor of Medicine

Charles Palmer
Professor of Pediatrics