The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

People who work in Ecology

Marc Abrams
Professor of Forest Ecology and Physiology

Jared Ali
Assistant Professor of Entomology

Paul Bartell
Associate Professor of Avian Biology

Iliana Baums
Associate Professor of Biology

Terrence H. Bell
Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes

Douglas Bird
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Rebecca Bliege Bird
Professor of Anthropology

Ottar Bjørnstad
Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Biology
Adjunct Professor in Statistics

Elizabeth Weeks Boyer
Associate Professor of Water Resource
Director, Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center
Assistant Director, Penn State Institutes of Energy & Environment

Victoria Braithwaite
Professor of Fisheries and Biology
Co-Director, the Center for Brain, Behavior and Cognition

Margaret Brittingham
Professor of Wildlife Resources

Robert Brooks
Professor of Geography and Ecology
Director, Riparia (formerly the Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center)

Mary Ann Bruns
Associate Professor of Soil Science/Microbial Ecology

Tomas Carlo
Associate Professor of Biology

Isabella Cattadori
Associate Professor of Biology

C. Andrew Cole
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Ecology

Duane Diefenbach
Adjunct Professor, Wildlife Ecology
Leader, PA Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

Patrick Drohan
Associate Professor of Pedology

David Eissenstat
Professor of Woody Plant Physiology, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Matthew Ferrari
Associate Professor of Biology