The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Other services

Other services provided by the Transgenic Mouse Facility at University Park


  • Project design
  • Construct design
  • Screening assays
  • Protocols
  • Positive and negative selection schemes
  • Any aspect of a project (no fee)


Special projects

  • Inducible promoters
  • Cre recombinase- LoxP2


Additional services

  • Special mouse strains may be considered
  • Isolation of DNA from mouse tail clips (minimum 10/procedure)
  • Isolation of DNA from embryonic stem cell clones (minimum 50/procedure)
  • Breeding of PI selected chimera or transgenic founders
  • In vivo embryo rederivation (live male)
  • In vivo embryo rederivation (cryopreserved embryo)
  • Technical training (hourly rate)