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Software for analyzing flow cytometry data files (LMD or FCS format)

The Huck Institutes maintains a volume license for the FlowJo software to provide a cost effective solution to researchers.



2015 FlowJo Licenses

FlowJo is an important data analysis software program for analyzing flow cytometry data.  Members of the Penn State research community may participate in the Huck Institutes’ site license for the FlowJo software, which provides a cost effective solution to researchers.  The following are the methods by which researchers at various levels may access the site license for 2015:


1.     Researchers from labs who paid for use of Facility flow cytometry equipment in 2014 are eligible to request complimentary license(s) in the following categories:

        a.     Frequent users of the Facility (transactions >$2k in 2014) will be provided complimentary license(s) upon request to be distributed on their lab’s computer(s).

        b.     A limited number of licenses for a 3-month period are available for less frequent Facility users upon request on a first-come, first-served basis.

               i.     For users planning to analyze a large number of files (>200) in one billing period, a complimentary license can be requested for use on a University-owned computer for one billing period at a time.

                               ·       Billing periods are

                                        o   February-April

                                        o   May-July

                                        o   August-October

                                        o   November-January

               ii.     If all licenses have been distributed for the requested billing period, users will be put on a waiting list for the next billing period. 

               iii.     Researchers who obtain a license but do not actually use it to analyze a large number of files (>200) will be prohibited from obtaining a license for the next 2 billing periods.

2.     For all researchers, including those from labs who did not use Facility flow cytometry equipment in 2014, complimentary access to FlowJo will be via:

        a.     FlowJo on two (2) desktop computers in W-124A Millennium Science Complex.

        b.     For researchers who require extended time for data analysis, a laptop computer (PC) with FlowJo versions 10 and 7.6.5, which can be signed out from the Facility for 1 week.

3.     Additional licenses may be purchased using the Facility’s discounted rate.  The anticipated rate for a 3-month billing period in 2015 is $69/computer ($276/year/computer).


pdf version of 2015 FlowJo Licenses




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