The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Fluorescence and confocal microscopes

Fluorescence and confocal microscopes hosted by the Microscopy and Cytometry Facility

Olympus Fluoview 1000

A four-laser confocal microscope using auto-setup to install objectives, lasers, and detectors for unique dye combinations; FRAP (with SIM scanning), FRET, and spectral imaging are available.


Olympus Fluoview 10i-LIV

A fully automated confocal laser-scanning microscope with four-lasers in a self-contained box, allowing for applications including live-cell imaging and BSL2 work.


Keyence BZ-9000 E

A fully moterized fluorescence microscope with a Tokai Hit incubator for live-cell imaging


Olympus BX61 (materials scope)

A microscope system with two configurations: a biological configuration (with automated 3-color plus DIC image collection) and a materials configuration (with polarization, darkfield, and reflected brightfield light)