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Amnis FlowSight

This imaging cytometer combines the rapid cell-enumerating technology of flow cytometry with the power of microscopy. The Amnis FlowSight can take an image of up to 2000 cells/second and record dozens of parameters about each cell, including 10 fluorescent colors.

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  • Particle size sensitivity:  0.5 um/pixel
  • Lasers:  3 (405nm, 488nm, 640nm)
  • Simultaneous colors:  10
  • Imaging flow cytometer:  acquires images of up to 2000 objects/second, which can be analyzed using image-based approaches (morphology, colocalization, etc.) or flow-cytometry-based methods (fluorescence intensity, light scatter, etc.).
  • Instrument can accept samples from 1.5mL or 0.6mL tubes, and from 96-well plates
    • Instrument can accept tubes manually
    • Instrument can run from plates manually or automatically
  • Researchers can use independently following 2-hour hands-on training session
  • BSL-1 materials only (must be fixed if BSL-2 or greater)
  • Software
  • Image and FCS files acquired using Amnis INSPIRE software.
  • Amnis IDEAS software available for Facility users for offline image analysis.
  • Flow cytometry standard (FCS) files can be collected and reanalyzed in offline flow cytometry software packages such as FCS Express or FlowJo


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Equipment Location

W-124A Millennium Science Complex

Microscopy and Cytometry Facility