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Applications and sample protocols

Applications of the Microscopy and Cytometry Facility's services and how they can benefit your research, complete with sample protocols
  • Vapor fixation

    Vapor fixation

    An example of how vapor fixation was used to fix fungal fruiting bodies for scanning electron microscopy


  • Imaging cell cultures

    Imaging cell cultures

    An example of imaging cell cultures of macrophage-like cells exposed to colloidal gold, zymosan, and latex beads


  • Imaging insect behavior

    Imaging insect behavior

    An example of the production of scanning electron micrographs of aphids feeding on barley


  • Imaging a new worm species

    Imaging a new worm species

    An example of using scanning electron microscopy to produce images of a new species of polychaete, the methane ice worm, collected at a deep-sea site in the Gulf of Mexico


  • Imaging a juvenile mussel

    Imaging a juvenile mussel

    An example of imaging samples of a juvenile mussel, which were collected in the field and transported to the facility on ice


  • Imaging insect blood cells

    Imaging insect blood cells

    An example of using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to examine haemocytes of tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta


  • Virus particles in insect gut

    Virus particles in insect gut

    An example of using TEM to find barley yellow dwarf virus particles in aphid hindguts


  • Delivery of therapeutic agents using nanoparticles

    Delivery of therapeutic agents using nanoparticles

    An example of using flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy to demonstrate how nanoparticles containing a drug were taken up by macrophage cells


  • FRET with confocal microscopy

    FRET with confocal microscopy

    An example of using fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) to study protein localization, dynamics and interactions in cells