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DNA sequencer

Model #: Illumina MiSeq


This instrument is essentially a small version of the HiSeq 2500.



  • 15 million single reads or 30 million paired reads per run
  • Fragment sequencing up to 250 nt
  • Paired end sequencing up to 250 x 250 nt
  • Sample multiplexing available



The sequencing chemistry is similar to the HiSeq, and all libraries compatible with the HiSeq can be sequenced with the MiSeq.

The MiSeq produces a modest number of reads; therefore, it is best used for pilot projects or for applications requiring small numbers of reads such as de novo sequencing or resequencing of small genomes, amplicon sequencing, and miRNA/small RNA sequencing.

Sample multiplexing is available.

Data is produced in the FASTQ format.

This instrument is used by Genomics Core Facility staff in conjunction with provided next-generation sequencing services.


Equipment Location

Genomics Core Facility