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Data analysis

The Genomics Core Facility does not support data analysis.

The Genomics Core Facility does not directly support data analysis, and analysis is solely the responsibility of the customer.

The Facility does, however, provide access to resources which will aid investigators in performing their own analysis.


Next-generation sequencing analysis


Bioinformatics Consulting Center

The Bioinformatics Consulting Center (BCC) at Penn State offers bioinformatics data analysis services that cover multiple application domains of high-throughput sequencing.

The consulting center is administered by Istvan Albert, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Services offered range from routine data manipulation steps — such as quality filtering, genomic alignments, and variant calling — to in-depth data analyses and developing novel, domain-specific methodologies.



GALAXY is an open source, scalable framework for genomics tool and data integration, created and administered by Anton Nekrutenko, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

We highly recommend that users attend a GALAXY workshop that will be regularly offered by Dr. Nekrutenko at University Park.

This workshop is intended to familiarize users with GALAXY tools that can be used to analyze their next-generation sequencing data.

See also: "Announcing new Galaxy-based Science Gateways at Penn State."


NextGene from Softgenetics

This software is available at the Genomics Core Facility and resides on a computer in 413 Chandlee Lab.

You can use the Core Calendar on the LIMs to reserve time on the computer.

Data can be downloaded from Galaxy and analyzed.