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All Hershey-based facilities currently listed under this website, in alphabetical order of facility name

Cytometry Core Facility, Hershey

Providing sophisticated, clinically certified services in fluorescence-activated cell sorting and cell fluorescence analysis

Functional Genomics Core Facility, Hershey

Providing gene expression analysis (microarray analysis and interpretation, and quantitative real-time PCR analysis), TaqMan SNP analysis, and laser capture microdissection

Macromolecular Core Facility, Hershey

Providing protein sequencing, peptide synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis and image analysis

Magnetic Resonance Imaging/NMR Facilities, Hershey

Providing animal and whole-cell MRI and MRS, solution/structural NMR and plastic fabrication services

Micro CT Scanner, Hershey

Providing in vivo microCT scanning services

Microscopy and Histology, Hershey

Providing a range of services from the Microscopy and Histology Laboratory, Confocal/Deconvolution Imaging Core Facility and Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Molecular Genetics and DNA Sequencing Core Lab, Hershey

Providing full service automated DNA sequencing, as well as multiplexed SNP and genotyping (SNPlex) analyses

Proteins and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility, Hershey

Offering protein, peptide, oligonucleotide and small molecule analyses, as well as large-scale proteomic analyses

Reagent Stock Program, Hershey

Offering competitively priced reagents for purchase and rapid restocking

Tissue Bank, Hershey

Offering normal and tumorous tissue, associated blood, buccal cell swabs and epidemiological data

Transgenic Core Facility, Hershey

Producing transgenic and knockout mice, as well as offering rederivation of mice and whole-animal luminescent imaging

X-ray Crystallography Core Facility, Hershey

Providing equipment, training, assistance, and technological innovation for determining 3D atomic structures of proteins and other macromolecules